Dorky picture challenge

Imagine my surprise this morning when I realized that I was Lynette's "featured blogger" on her "getting to know you" feature (scroll down and click on my getting to know you button to see what its about).
I am so excited. I'm in nerd heaven right now!
I had to resist bouncing upstairs to wake up my sleeping husband with "I GOT FEATURED!!"
I resisted because , for one thing it would mean absolutely nothing to him....and for another thing,
he would make fun of me mercilessly for the rest of the day!
Apparently I also inspired a new idea for her blog.
Dorky kid pictures....you know the ones that we sift through to find the cute ones.
Is that a challenge?...well I'm up for it and so are my dorky kids!

The problem is I had trouble finding any.
All I could find was pictures of my kids looking both intelligent and photogenic.
The above picture of Aili is obviously not dorky enough...the purple in her hair clearly matches her pajamas.

My scholars off to school last fall.
(p.s Roman is graduating kindergarten today!! He looks pretty smart eh?)

Besides being very intelligent and photogenic my kids are all so darned proportioned.
Its been tough to find a dorky one in the bunch.

BINGO! This is the winner of the dorky Burlando kid pictures.
It was taken a couple years ago of Roman after he had sustained a slight head injury...nothing major. His head was wrapped for a couple days just to stop the profuse bleeding from a blunt force wound.
You can now see why we are so excited Roman is graduating from Kindergarten...some things you just can't take for granted.
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Lynnette Kraft said...

Dorky yes! AND OH SO CUTE! :)

Thanks for inspiring the Dorky pictures idea! This is so much fun I think I must continue it!

You're great Carla.

"Lolli" said...

Precious children! And not Dorky...well maybe Roman's grin a little, but not much...wait til you see my 15-year old son dressing up for baby day and see what you have to look forward to! I SO admire you guys for going to Mexico to work. I am passionate about mission work. I will be going on my 7th mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer, along with my husband and son. Am going to add you to my blogs to follow and hope you will pay mine a visit when you get a chance: www.lollipopandpearls.blogspot.com



Jenilee said...

that is really cute! I love fun pictures of kids! Thanks for visiting our blog!

Lilyofthevalley - Tanya said...

Cute pics and congrats for being featured today!! :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So cute....thanks for sharing....Love all your pictures....You have a great blog.

Valen and Carol said...

Okay, Carla, I put a couple of dorky pictures on our blog www.straley.ca/vc

I put some captions in it but for some reason only the last one showed up.

Karen said...

Congtatulations on being featured today! It has been fun with Lynnette's Getting to Know You. Your family is Beautiful!


Verna said...

Congradulations on being featured.
Stopping by from Lynnette's blog.

Have a great week end.

DeeDee said...

Coming over from Lynette's place...
Congratulations on being featured...

Sweet Blessings,

Kristin said...

Ha!! So funny! I'm behind on blogging, but had to come over and check out your blog from Lynnette's. Congrats on being featured!!