It's not easy being Two!

Nothing is my size.
Everything is made for the big people in this house. As much as I like to climb, it would be nice to reach something for once.

Dad will not give me the keys to his truck.
Even though everyday when he pulls in the driveway I shout "DADDY'S TRUCK IS HOME!" and run out to take it for a spin. C'mon Dad I've been watching you do it...I know I could drive this thing.

The baby gets all the cool furniture around here.
As if having his own teeny tiny bed with bars isn't enough he also gets a really cool little swing.....in the living room!

Well two can play that game!
Look mom, I'm a baby too. Waaah, wahhh, wahhhh. ga ga. Convinced yet?

To quote a literary great....Elmo
"Its not easy being big,
It's not easy being small,
That's all."
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