Something so Beautiful

I'm not beautiful. Sometimes with enough make up, time, effort and photo editing I can appear that way. The truth is underneath it I'm a mess of wrinkles, pimples and big dark eye circles. I'm ok with that. I'm loved anyway, cellulite and all.

If you look beyond my ordinary exterior you will see that I'm just as imperfect inside. It's true.
As hard as I try to be good, as much as I want to be like Christ. I'm not. I can't be perfect simply by willing it so.
I am one big flawed package of screw ups waiting to happen.
I need grace. Everyday.
I'm not beautiful. I'm a slightly foggy, somewhat chipped mirror that if positioned just right might give you a glimpse of His beauty.  
I'm a tarnished instrument but in the hands of the musician I feel beautiful!
He makes my life something beautiful.

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Jobina said...

Carla, I see where you're going with this but I gotta be honest here...I've never, not once, not for even a second, thought that you were anything less than gorgeous. Really truly beautiful. Honest.
At the same time though I'm so glad that you aren't all puffed up at how pretty you really are because it makes you human, it makes you a wonderful, humble vessel that God's light radiates through and THAT is worth so much more than looks!