Happy 9th Birthday Little Man

Today my boy turned nine years old.    Nine years ago, I held my handsome, perfectly healthy, baby boy in my arms and felt so overwhelmingly blessed.   He had a head full of light brown hair that stood up on end, a dimple in his chin, and a cute little button nose.  

I fell madly in love, in an instant, 
and I still feel so blessed to be his mom.

Life with this boy has been exuberant, exciting, and sometimes exhausting.
He packs a whole lot of life into 9 short years.

POW! (his shirt pretty much describes him)

He's fiery, adventurous, courageous, affectionate and he has a huge generous heart.  
He has grown to be a respectful, helpful, responsible and trustworthy young man.  

The boy who was once my most exhausting toddler and my most strong willed/hyper active preschooler (I wondered sometimes what would become of both of us)....is now a child who rarely needs more correction than some gentle guidance.  His heart is so soft, quick to repent, and eager to make restitution.  He loves his family well....  

and we love him to bits.  

His wacky party included 3 cousins, 2 aunts, 1 friend, a grandma,  3 siblings...and Darth Vader.

The lime and coconut cupcakes were super yummy....made per request of the Birthday Boy.

Happy Birthday Roman!!


Lynnea said…
Oh man...how DID you get Darth Vader to come to the party?!?!?! My boys would be sooo jealous of that! ;)
Happy Birthday Roman. And you know what....as time goes on I REALLY wish we lived closer to you guys.
I'm thankful Father brought our paths to cross...just wish I could meet you in "real" life!
And may the day be SOON!
James MacMillan said…
Happy birthday, Roman!
Sherri Davidson said…
Happy 9th!!! I love the ' cake'. I would love the recipe they look amazing.

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