We've been doing some more juicing in my house but this time instead of just a summertime treat, the Hubster and I wanted to try juicing as a meal replacement for a few days.  I know of people, and personally know someone, who did this for weeks (or months) but since this is my husbands first stroll down deprivation lane we thought we'd keep it short.  

We had watched a Netflix documentary a while ago called "sick, fat, and nearly dead".  It's pretty inspiring, and interesting.  It's all about a guy who needs to lose weight, and who goes on a juicing diet.  I'm pretty sure if my husband hadn't watched it, there would have been no way he would have tried a juicing diet. 

Before you get in a snit about a "skinny" girl on a diet....I should clarify that my goal isn't to lose weight, although after a few months of sitting on my duff with a broken leg and a month of Christmas binging the jeans are a little snug.  Even "skinny" girls can benefit from some concentrated nutrition. 

 The main reason I'm juicing is to encourage my husband who has been working to lose weight.  In fact he has lost about 30 lbs in the past several months and wants to lose about 10 more.  The holiday season (and some added late fall stressors) kind of kicked him off the wagon for a bit so with the season of gluttony over with he wanted to hit reset.  

A juice fast for 3 days is that "reset" button.  We're not doing a "fast" in the spiritual sense, just simply on a liquid diet for health and self discipline. 

My husband was raised in a family that revolved around food, and as a result obesity related problems and inconveniences.  

My husbands parents had childhoods filled with a lot of neglect, abuse, deprivation, and abandonment.  This led to the typical emotional and physiological issues that result from those things.  One being food issues.  Irrational fear of hunger, food addiction, and food hoarding.   My mother-in-law struggled with extreme obesity, and major health issues her entire adult life.  The emotional and psychological damage from her painful childhood was deep, toxic, and was mostly hidden from the outside world but one outward symptom was her food addiction. 

Many adoptive and foster parents have witnessed this type of behavior in their children who came from traumatic pasts.  Food issues are very common and when the underlying hurts are left untreated it creates an ongoing master/slave relationship to food.

That is the legacy that was past onto my husband and his 5 siblings.  They learned by example.
It's been hard cycle to break, and involves a heart deep reorienting.

Our goal was three days of juicing and we're now at the tail end of that.  My husband just announced he's going for another day.  I'm so proud of my husband, who has never missed a meal in his life, for taking on this challenge.  It hasn't been easy for him but I think it's been a good starting place for some healthier eating.  

After a few days of nothing but liquid, a big salad seems like a feast and a fruit and yogurt smoothie a delicious treat. 

I actually really enjoy the juice, and much to his surprise so does the Hubster.  He's commented quite a few times how good it is.     Maybe that's just his hunger and survival mechanisms kicking in though.  As soon as I start prepping the fruits and vegi's the kids all come swarming too.  It's been a bit annoying because everyone wants to "help", and then everyone wants to drink our juice.  I try to make extra so everyone gets a taste....but that takes a lot of produce. 
That's part of the reason we're doing three days.  We live too far from a grocery store and have too many mouths.

Cece loves fresh juice.  I'm glad because it's great for her immune system, and because she's a pretty picky eater. 

For those who are curious this was our kickstart a healthy month "diet" plan.

Smoothie (we aren't juice purists and I wanted to keep some protein in our diet)
milk, yogurt, frozen berries, banana, protein powder, a few drops of flax seed oil, chia seeds 
(which are high in protein, omega 3, fiber, and iron) 

We also cut out the coffee (which is a biggie for us).

big glass of juice.

big glass of juice

Lots and lots of various tea throughout the day. 

Our juicing arsenal consists of Granny Smith apples, pineapple, oranges, carrots, cucumber, kale, beets (a little goes a long way with those), lemon (which cuts the bitterness of the greens).   I also like to use a little fresh ginger but I forgot to buy it.  

The main challenge for me was making and serving three full meals (plus snacks) to five hungry kids while also preparing the juice for us adults. 

Sometimes our houses need a de-clutter and deep cleaning.  I kind of feel like a juice fast for a few days does that for my body.  I am glad to be done now though...
my body feels great, and I have a lot of energy despite fighting off a cold, but my mind and stomach are screaming "Nachos stat!"

Another not so noble reason for our healthy eating month  in January, is that by February we'll be gorging ourselves on Mexican food in Baja!  Gotta make room for all those tacos.


Marcy P said...

I've thought about juicing many times over the years but have just never bought a juicer. If I'm going to buy one, I want it to be a good one. We just haven't made it a financial priority so...

Carla said...

The market does seem to be flooded with them right now, lots of cheap one's but I'm not sure how well they work. I should ask my sis-in-law what she bought. She juiced for weeks on hers. We had a Champion juicer given to us by someone who had bought it and didn't use it anymore. It's super heavy duty (literally heavy)and works well. There may be newer more compact, cheaper, technology out there now though too.