My thoughts on Emily Letts and abortion...in case you want to know.

I came across something a couple days ago that, although is far from shocking and even mind numbing in it's banality,caused me enough of an emotional response that I figured I'd sit down at the computer and work out some of my thoughts.  You can find the article here.

The first thing that came to mind was simply Isaiah 5:20

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!"

"They take bribes to let the wicked go free, and they punish the innocent." (v23)

This publicity stunt  is merely a woman who has her abortion process filmed in order to show the cheery, positive side to having her baby killed.  This video is attempting to show a candid glimpse into a real abortion, but strangely enough the actual abortion process is not actually filmed, referred to or mentioned. All that is shown is a glowing mother humming and smiling her way through her child's execution.  I watch it and I pity her.  This is not empowerment it's delusion.

The ultimate goal is to rid abortion of it's inherit stigma.  It further promotes the "It's no big deal" mantra that is desperately being promoted by an abortion industry that profits off of the crushed souls of women and the lives of their children.

Despite the assertions otherwise there is still a lingering myth (I see it all over comments on social media) that no "pro-choice" activist or supporter is actually pro-abortion.  They lament that abortion isn't "good" but rather a heart wrenching personal decision that a woman must make, and no one should interfere with.  I have no doubts that there  are women who are heart broken, feel pressured, and wish they didn't have to go through with it.  I know that even more women are devastated with regret afterwards. My heart breaks for them.  That's part of why Pro-lifers are passionate about coming alongside of women and offering all kinds of helpful free services (unlike abortion providers).

 I think another sad reality is that for many pregnant mothers it's just not that big a deal.
Why is having a child suctioned limb from limb out of your womb no biggie?
Why is it just fine and dandy to use abortion as an afterthought form of birth control?
Why is ending the life of a completely unique human being who will never exist again, and has never existed before (and in doing so snuffing out all future potential, joys, endeavors and generations) not something to grieve?
Simply because they've been sold on a deceptive marketing scheme.  They've already bitten the carefully laid hook of idolatry that tells them that their god of comfort, life goals, me-time, and sovereignty over their "own body" is worth killing for.  Pregnancy is simply a nasty potential side effect of their right to unhindered and uninhibited sexual gratification, much like an STD.  It's no wonder that when those two little lines appear on the pregnancy test that they are met with horror and a resolve to remedy the situation. The reality is that abortion doesn't prevent you from being a mother, it just makes you the mother of a dead baby.

If you actually believe, contrary to every bit of scientific fact, that an abortion is nothing more than having a hairy mole removed, or treating a parasitic infection...then why wouldn't you celebrate your emancipation with a night out with the gals afterwards.  After all, it was simply you asserting your "rights".

When you allow your mind to soak into that bog of delusion long enough all sense of right and wrong become mixed into murky shades of grime where "it's right for me" is sovereign over every other factor including the life of another human being.  Good is condemned as evil, and evil is celebrated as good.

I don't know that I've ever seen as glaring an example of this as this woman's description of the actual termination of her child's life.

 "I was focused on staying positive and feeling the love from everyone in the room. I am so lucky that I knew everyone involved, and I was so supported. I remember breathing and humming through it like I was giving birth. I know that sounds weird, but to me, this was as birth-like as it could be. It will always be a special memory for me. I still have my sonogram, and if my apartment were to catch fire, it would be the first thing I'd grab."

This heart breaking mix of words is such a stew of contradiction that it hurts my brain.  This baby meant something to her whether she wants to admit it or not.  She will drown out the natural grief she feels with her new found notoriety, and accolades.

She was "feeling the love" as the unborn child in her womb was being exterminated.   I can think of a lot of words to describe this scenario but "love" is not one of them.

"It was as birth-like" as can be.  Clearly she has little concept of what a "birth" actually is. I can't reconcile the suggestion that spending a few minutes with your legs spread and having a small vacuum invading the once safe depths of your womb, has any sort of resemblance to childbirth.  The agonizingly miraculous experience of welcoming a baby that you have carried and nurtured in your womb into the big wide world and into your loving embrace is very un-abortion-like. In fact I would suggest the two scenarios couldn't be more completely opposite.  Which leads me to my next bit of confusion.
"During my training, I learned there are three kinds of doulas: birth doulas, adoption doulas, and abortion doulas. A light went off in my head.
I had never been political about abortion rights before, but the idea of helping women through an abortion and supporting them and reassuring them that they are still wonderful and beautiful resonated deeply with me."
An Abortion Doula??  That's a thing? I've heard of abortion counselors who assure women that they are doing the right thing, and the clinic workers who piece the tiny babies bodies back together after the procedure to insure that all of the dismembered bits made it out of mama's body.  Of course we know an abortionist is going to show up at some point to do with dirty work....but an "abortion doula"?

I get wanting to help women.
 I understand the desire to comfort women through a potentially scary and invasive "procedure" but why must they use a term that is so connected to child birth?
 It also makes me wonder why we don't we have "root canal doulas"?
Or "pap smeer doulas"?
 If it's truly no big deal then why does a woman need to be coached through it?

 If she is truly pro-woman and passionate about helping them...leading them like a blind guide into a room where their child will be killed, and their own bodies and hearts will be scarred, is not the best outlet for that.

"Once I caught my breath, I knew immediately I was going to have an abortion. I knew I wasn’t ready to take care of a child. The guy wasn’t involved in my decision. "

Once again it doesn't seem like a terribly agonizing decision, but rather the natural and unsurprising thought process for someone who has dedicated her life to assuring other women that their children are merely disposable bits of inconvenient tissue.

What about "the guy"?

She puts that out there like it's another star on the feminist chart.  Of course he had no say, why would the baby's father have a say in it's future?  I mean, you could demand money from him if you decided to raise the baby...but heavens no he doesn't need to be involved in it's demise.  I don't know if she just picks guys who are so uninvolved and so cowardly that they don't want to be involved or attempt to protect their children...or if he's just bought into the lie that this is merely her body and none of his business.  Or maybe he didn't even know.

"I knew I wasn’t ready to take care of a child. "

This woman is 25 years old.  She is a full fledged adult.  She has a job (albeit a questionable one). I'm assuming she has a boyfriend or something of the sort. She apparently has a lot of love and support.  What qualifies someone as "ready"?

When I turned 25 I was pregnant with my third child...we were the most broke we've ever been (and money has always been tight), and we were virtually unemployed and wondering what the future would hold.  Was it ever an option to sacrifice our children until we got our act together?  No. What on earth makes someone "ready" to be responsible for the choices they've made?  What is this extended adolescence, other than rampant selfishness?  The truth is no one is ever "ready" anyway...they may want a child desperately, they may prepare endlessly but when that child comes you realize really quickly that you have some adjusting of priorities to do.  The truth is a lot of people don't feel very "ready" until that baby is placed in their arms and they fall in love. Sometimes readiness comes from doing the thing you're most afraid of. I don't feel "ready" to parent teenagers...but in a couple months my daughter will officially enter her teen years. I don't feel "ready" to parent another baby who may possibly have a variety of health and developmental issues. I still don't feel "ready" to raise a son with cerebral palsy. It's a good thing that their health and well being doesn't rely on my ability to muster up confidence.

"Everyone at the clinic was really supportive of filming it. At first they wanted to sit down and talk about the real consequences of this. There are a lot of politics involved. We knew we could have hundreds of protesters at our door; we could have bomb threats. Working at an abortion clinic, every once in awhile it feels like you’re working in a war zone.
But I said, “Bring it,” and they were on board."
 I guess this is my "bringing it".  Not very scary, I admit. This part made my eyes roll so hard they stabbed my brain.  "A lot of politics involved".  The abortion battle isn't fought over politics, it's fought for basic human rights.  Bomb threats? Seriously.  Hundreds of protesters at your door? Protesting your sad little video when the exact same thing happens in clinics all over the world?  It's just not that special. What pro-lifers will do is honor the brief life of your unborn baby, and pray for you. In fact here is a letter written by one of those rabid pro-life "extremists". It might feel like a war zone to you...not because of imaginary militant pro-lifers launching hand grenades...but because of the spiritual battle at war within your own heart.  All I've got to bring is my pity for you as a woman, my sadness at the whole scenario, and my prayers that a heart of stone would be turned to flesh.  A heart that feels...even if that feeling is remorse.  

This isn't Emily Letts.  This is Lisa and she is a Canadian woman who courageously shares her story.  She had three abortions.  This is why Pro-Life is Pro-Woman.  For women like Lisa and the children she lost.  Canada failed her.  

*I was tired of seeing the same smiling photos associated with this video...so instead decided to share a candid photo of our newest little foster baby. She is precious beyond words. More on her coming soon....*

Soli Deo Gloria, 


Gigi said...

Very well said. My heart breaks for the state of this world. Oh the redeeming that God could do in that broken girls life. I pray she answers the call.
1 Corinthians 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight. As it is written: "He catches the wise in their craftiness";
Luke 16:15 And He said to them, "You are those who justify yourselves in the sight of men, but God knows your hearts; for that which is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God.

Ali said...

I agree that this is such a heart- shattering look into the delusions of our world regarding the unborn. I also was grieved that the father of the baby was not even part of this "choice". My husband and I are longing to adopt and I just appreciate those who choose life for their babies .... some of us would give all of our limbs and senses to have babies.

Emily Maurer said...

This was so powerful. Why are more people. It reading you? Wow.