When a killer isn't charged with murder.

I'm sure most of you have heard {this news story} out of Colorado by now.  It's a horrifying crime that makes us collectively appalled and disturbed, because it is appalling and disturbing.  It's a vile and heinous sort of crime.  I think there is still something in our collective consciences (maybe called common grace) that realizes this was wrong and horrible and that this baby was a helpless victim.

However, the woman who savagely cut this child (named Aurora) from the safety and warmth of her mothers womb and left her and her mother to die, will not be charged with murder.

Let that sink in a moment.

An intentional, premeditated, violent act that directly resulted in a death will not be considered a homicide. Why?

Because the victim is not considered a person by law.  

It comes down to the issue of personhood.  We have never learned from atrocities in history.  We still think that we have a right to pick and choose which human beings can be classified as people, and which will be denied all their most basic human rights.

It makes me more angry than I can even express.  It makes me sick to my stomach and puts tears in my eyes.  I grieve for that woman, for her child, and for us as a depraved and deranged society. I feel this as a mother who has nurtured life within my womb, and who has held tiny fragile life in my hands. I feel this as a mother who has buried a baby.  I feel it as a foster mom who has witnessed and seen the amazing value in children that are inconvenient and unwanted.

It all comes crashing together into a frustrated longing for justice.  A groaning with all of creation, like the pangs of childbirth, for this broken world with all it's pain, wickedness, and coldness to be made new.

This seriously ticks me off...and makes me sick.  

At least the culture of death is being consistent with their twisted ideology.

With all the disgust and outrage we feel at this incident, the only difference between this baby who was ripped from it's mothers womb and an aborted baby ripped from it's mothers womb is that this child was wanted by it's mother.  Why do we all feel horrified by the one, yet the other is simply a "choice" or "healthcare".

Legally, your humanity and right to be considered a person comes down to two things. Your location, and what someone else thinks about you.  How horrifying is that in any other context?

But why would someone else's feelings about us make us less of a human? Why would our location change a biological fact? I am either human, and deserving of human rights, or I am not.
The courts have decided that if you have not fully exited the birth canal and someone thinks you are inconvenient then your humanity will be ignored. That is the game we play.

Things get a bit muddy though when we come face to face with the humanity of the unborn. When a child is violently killed but yet was wanted we are forced to face the absurdity of our own justifications.
We flop around like idiots not knowing what to make of it all.  

This woman's child was killed. Someone irreplaceable and infinitely valuable was taken and destroyed.

That baby girl was either a human deserving of protection and justice, or she wasn't.  

That is why the abortion industry fights so strongly to dehumanize it's victims. Like so many other groups of victims who have been stripped of their dignity, rights, and lives throughout history. It begins with dehumanizing with words and laws that don't recognize their personhood.

I pray someday our decedents look back at us with horror and disgust...baffled at our blindness.

Once you strip away the rhetoric it comes down to this: you either have a society that protects vulnerable innocent life or you have a society that considers inconvenient people disposable.  

That's the bottom line. 

We have created the second.  

We have intentionally created a culture that can hear about a child brutally cut from it's mothers womb and do nothing. 

This is what we have become.  

This is what "pro-choice" lies have created.  We are so desensitized to baby murder, that we consider this child as simply an unfortunate price to pay for the "greater good" of women's reproductive freedom. A supposed "freedom" and "empowerment" that relies entirely on our ability to legally kill our own children. That's pretty pathetic empowerment. We are never made stronger by oppressing the weaker. We are not made a more compassionate and just society by denying justice to voiceless victims.

In 2013, Colorado Democrats stopped a bill that would have provided justice and protection for pregnant women and unborn children
.  Similar laws have passed in 25 other states. 

Amendment 67 wouldn't have saved this babies life but it would have given this baby justice. A murderer would be charged with murder. Had this personhood amendment passed, the child would have been viewed as a victim instead of just some lost property.  

Can you imagine any other context in which an innocent human being can be intentionally targeted and viciously murdered and yet not be considered a victim of a crime? 

Maybe a slave that had been beaten to death by his owner?....just some property to do with as you wish, after all. We recoil at the memory of slaves being treated at subhuman and being denied personhood but yet we continue to do it to others segments of our population. Our own children.

We live in a society where everyone wants to play the victim. It's like a new sort of twisted narcissistic game of elitism. Whoever can whine the loudest about their own need to be coddled and validated, whoever can cry with the most theatrics about being offended or having their feelings hurt wins. 

Where there is no crime, one will be invented. Where there should be no offense one will be imagined. Where there is nothing to direct our outrage at we will find something ridiculously insignificant on which to pour out our wrath.  We live in a hyper-sensitive age of "MY RIGHTS!" but yet everyone wants to completely close their eyes, shut off their minds, and harden their hearts to our societies most vulnerable, innocent, voiceless and brutalized victims. 

Pre-born children deserve to be treated with dignity, compassion, and have the right to exist. Women deserve to have their unborn children protected from violent crime.  
So, why is Canada and so many States  opposed to personhood and fetal homicide laws?  Because it exposes the lie that an entire industry is based on.

If unborn victims of violence were protected by law it would force us to ask "what's the difference?"  We would have to face uncomfortable truths.

The entire abortion industry is founded on the unscientific lie that the unborn child is not human.

Some more bolder pro-abortion activists are honest enough to acknowledge that it is in fact a human being but they simply don't care.  It's just the cost of doing business. They don't think the unborn child deserves personhood, simply because some people have more worth than others.  That is the more honest ideology that abortion is founded on.  Some lives matter, and are worth more than others. It's a heinous sort of hierarchy of death. Depending on your ability level, your gender, your location, or how someone else feels about you....you will either be considered worthy of protection or you will not.

I don't think any of us would deny that this mother lost a child.  It would be a special kind of deranged person who would console this mother with "don't worry, it was only a clump of cells anyway".

By the way do you know who the biggest opponents to Colorado's amendment 67 was? Any guesses? 

Planned parenthood and NARAL of course.   It makes sense that they would oppose laws (and spend a lot of money doing it) that would prosecute those who violently kill unborn babies....since they are in the business of baby murder and all.  That might cramp their style a bit. 

This is what we have become.  This is what the culture of death has created.  A world in which a baby can be brutally cut out of his mother, killed, and yet not be considered a victim.  

Oh, Lord have mercy.

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Gigi said...

You know you really rant so well. It's to bad most of America doesn't have the attention span to appreciate it all.:) The state of the world still blows me away. How did this even happen? How have we become such monsters as a culture? I don't see it getting better sadly. It terrifies me to think of my children growing up in an even worse place.