Hi friends...come on over to my Instagram

Hello out there friends. I haven't wandered onto my old blog much in the past couple years. I'm hoping to do some updates and more writing in the near future, and also try to fix some glitches and format of my blog (although I may need to recruit someone who knows what they're doing). Until then you can follow me and our crew over at Instagram. I've been posting "stories" most every day and photos occasionally. It seems that if I can't do it with my phone, and can't post something within a few seconds, it just doesn't get done. Blogging takes brain cells, time and some effort...which have been in short supply in recent years. The fog is starting to clear though and ideas are once again rattling in my brain.

If you just clicked a link and found my blog...welcome!  It's nothing fancy as you can see but I have poured my heart out into words over the past 10 yrs. I started this page a decade ago when blogging was new, my internet was dial up, I had a flip phone and I had zero social media accounts. A lot has changed, not the least my family. I hope you linger a while and find some tidbit that inspires, encourages or makes you laugh.

Here is a link to Instagram (since my side bar thingy no longer works and I haven't figured out how to get it back)  *update: I think I got it working again*

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