Meet the Crew

 Welcome to my blog.  Let me introduce myself.

My name is Carla and I'm a mom. That's the first thing that comes to mind. I suppose I should have other grand descriptions and accolades but that's pretty much it.

I enjoy long walks to the bathroom alone, drinking my coffee luke-warm after being microwaved 3 times, and eating my food cold while standing over a sink.

I have been a wife of 21 years, and a mother for 17.  I am a farmers daughter and a farmers wife. I suppose that makes me a farmer too since I know my way around a tractor.  I like growing food more than I like to cook it.

We have a big, quirky, motley family made up of two parents and seven children.  One son is in Heaven, 3 more were made the old fashioned way, one was imported from across the ocean, and three others joined the family via fostercare and adoption.  There was a point in our marriage that we were "done" at two.  Then "for sure" done having kids at three.  That seemed sensible at the time.  God had other plans so here we are building an addition on the house and setting yet another place at the table.

22 years ago I met a shaggy haired, mountain climbing, music loving, world travelling, firefighting, American city boy... he may have settled into Canadian Prairie farm life over the years but he still has a passion for adventure. He is my best friend and the love of my life. I wouldn't want to be on this adventure with anyone else.

Our first blessing Samuel lived for 8 months in my womb and 1 hour in our arms. He went to the arms of Jesus on May 26th 2000. We know that someday we will have eternity to make up for lost time. Until then, he will always have a place in our family and hearts as our first born. 

Aili (16) ( pronounced AY-lee) is creative, intuitive, compassionate and ambitious. Her name means "bearer of light" in Gaelic. She has lived up to her name. She is a beautiful young lady, inside and out, and she lights up our home.  I'm realizing more each day that our time with her in our home is short.  Kids grow up crazy fast! 

Roman (14) is growing up fast but he's still our wonderfully charming and frighteningly adventurous child.  He is a wonderful big brother, a loving son, and it's a privilege to witness him growing (quickly) into a man of character. He knows how to work hard on both the football field and wheat field. He's currently saving up for a car (His mom is saving up grey hairs.) 

Eli (11)is a sweet, sensitive, boy and blessing in our family. He is passionate about video games and popcorn. He loves school and playing with his siblings. He adores babies and he can always be counted on to help Mom with chores. 

Silas (11) is right on the edge of boyhood. He has has an eye for detail, an intense focus, and a broad imagination. He is our family comedian and loves to make people laugh. He is a natural with young children and babies and is a great help with the youngest siblings. This kid also has some mad Lego skills.

"Miss Cece" (7) came to our home at just 5 weeks old. She officially and forever became our daughter 2 1/2 years later. She is quick to giggle, has a beautiful smile, and she wears her huge heart on her sleeve. Cece is fearless on her bike. She loves to try tricks and go as fast as she can. She's "all in" with whatever she's doing or feeling. This full of life girl has never met an animal she didn't adore.  She is ridiculously generous with her love and affection for her family and we are so blessed by her. 

Our resident Princess is known as "Annie" online. She came to our home at 1 wk old weighing just 4 lbs. At 3 1/2  yrs old Annie is full of spunk and silly personality. She loves well and is an unending supply of kisses and hugs. Annie adores all things girlie, the more sparkles the better. She may be little but her personality is gigantic. 

The youngest in the household is named "Ray" (2). This surprise boy has been a delight. He is a happy boy with an adorable dimpled smile. He is obsessed with tractors, football and his Dad's tools. 

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