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Like I said...easily entertained!

This was the litte sand penninsula we went for a long hike on during the Tsunami warning. No, we didn't know about the warning. This picture was taken from way up in a lighthouse, by my husband.

Kind of a goofy expression but this was the last picture of the post "A Beautiful Day in Bahia" . Our day ended with making seafood gluttons of our selves while sitting in a tiny restaurant in the beach. Roman loves seafood!

I guess I need to stick to posts with fewer pictures...I keep loosing them somewhere out in cyberspace. oops
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Early morning Kayaking

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A Beautiful Day at Bahia

Saturday morning we woke up to a gorgeous warm windless day in Bahia de Los Angeles.
We only have one full day here so we made the most of it.
The day began with kayaking at 7 am when the schools of dolphins were passing by. We didn't actually get out far enough to get close to any.
I'll put the kayaking pictures on another post.

The kids did a LOT of treasure hunting along the beach. I've never been to a beach that has so many shells. In fact, the beach is largely made up of shells.

We spent time wading in the sea. Because we've been warned about sting rays we made sure to hot venture out too far. The kids learned to shuffle their feet and scare any away that might be hiding in the sand. We didn't see one.

Silas was convinced he had a fish in his pants. Turns out it was just the tag from his shorts that was tickling him.

We went into town and found the Museum. It was a well put together exhibit of marine life and Baja history. The museum is run by 30 volunteers.

Aili has been reading an American girl book "Josefina" and was very impressed that she recognized a lot of the antiques from her story about a Mexican girl living in the year 1824.

While we were in town we ventured out to look at a little lighthouse.
We walked for what felt like miles along a tiny little sand peninsula.

In the afternoon we spent lots of time just hanging out at the beach in front of our hotel.
We are easily entertained :)

The kids made use of the empty swimming pool for a while. It was colder than the sea though.

The view from the light house was beautiful. A few were brave enough to climb over the cement wall and climb the series of ladders inside to the top. I wasn't one of them. Roman was. This was the strip of sand we walked down.

As it turns out we were walking down this sand bar at about the time of day that a Tsunami was supposed to be ripping through the Pacific. Good thing we weren't greeted by a 10 foot wall of water rushing down the Gulf of California. You couldn't really get in a more precarious spot than out on a sand bar surrounded by ocean.

We ended our terrifically exhausting day with some seafood on our little restaurant by the beach. We didn't have any hot water for showers (the hot water situation at the hotel was a little glichy) but I hosed off the kids and I think they fell asleep in record time.

Silas' favorite play spot

Right outside our hotels little restaurant is Silas' favorite place to play.
Which was fairly convenient while we sit in those chairs behind him and wait for our seafood.
McDonald's play land has nothing on an old surf board sticking out of the sand.

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Los Vientos

After looking around the tiny fishing town at Bahia de Los Angeles yesterday we ventured a couple miles out of town and found this secluded little resort. We managed to get a really good deal on two rooms for two nights (actually nearly half of what was advertised). Our friends got the "honeymoon" suite. We have a little cottage style room with one bedroom (with a queen size bed) and two more single beds out in the main area. Silas slept well on the couch last night. It's cute and much bigger than our trailer! The amenities are pretty basic but its a very nice little resort. The view is spectacular and I think we were the only ones here last night.
When we arrived yesterday it was REALLY windy and cool. I thought "Los Vientos" (The Winds) was very appropriately named.
This morning, however, we woke up to a gorgeous day. Much warmer and very little wind.

The land that you can see across the water isn't main land Mexico , its many small islands and one very large island that separates Bahia from the rest of the Gulf of California. It's full of all sorts of diverse marine life. We'll be eating seafood at this little resort restaurant this evening. It's like having our own private chef. :)

Our little duplex for the weekend.

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Road Trip to Bahia de Los Angeles

This morning we packed up our car and ventured about 5 hours further south down the peninsula of Baja California.
I've never seen the Baja so green! It's gorgeous right now.
A few months ago green wasn't a color that naturally occurred in nature. Green was a very rare novelty among the shades of grey, browns and reds that typically make up the landscape.

We have never ventured much further than San Quintin.
Destination Bahia de Los Angeles.

Green hills aren't the only evidence of heavy rains this winter. This is just one of the many bridges that were washed out recently.

The scenery doesn't get dull with so many unique looking plants, terrain and cactus along the way.

We stopped for a little "rest stop". Mexican rest stops offer only the finest facilities. After miles of nothing but very low scrub brush and narrow cactus the privacy giant boulders offered looked fairly appealing. We all took our turn using the facilities and explored our surroundings a bit. The terrain was breathtaking.

The boys wanted to climb and explore so badly but because of the very real danger of various desert creepy crawlies we kept them fairly close. We did see one good sized snake though.
These are our friends that came with us for the weekend. Richard and Olga were brave enough to join us on this little vacation. They may live to regret their courage.

The highway was good but very narrow and very winding. By narrow I mean that there is no pavement at all past the white line and the actual lane is only just as wide as a car, which makes sharing the road with larger vehicles a little sketchy. I would certainly never advise driving it at night. Because I had heard the road was curvy I gave each of the kids a little Dramamine before we left. I regretted not taking one too, but I didn't get too severely car sick...just mildly car sick-ish. The Dramamine worked well for the kids...until it wore off about 5 minutes before our destination. Poor Silas didn't quite make it all the way there. I was glad that I had packed a coffee can, "just in case". Rule # 1 when road tripping with children , always pack a puke bucket. I have cleaned out too many car seats to forget to pack one. Anyway what the coffee can didn't catch Olga did. Thats how we initiate new friends.
Sometimes I wonder why we don't have more.

After we got everyone cleaned up we rounded another bend and saw this.
The Sea of Cortez, (Gulf of California) and all the little islands that make up Bahia de Los Angeles.
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