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It all started with these two. Alvaro and Minerva. I had no idea , when we were forging a new friendship and falling in love with these two many months ago ,that it would take us to this place or that we would have the privalege of seeing them in this house. We assumed we would continue our normal role as sponsors "Tia and Tio". Once we returned home would write to them, send them little gifts and tokens of our prayers and love for them. Our role changed and suddenly we lost what we thought we would be able to keep with them. God had other plans. There weren't just 2 kids that were in desperate need of an auntie and uncle , there were 5. I feel so humbled and honored to be here at that moment in their lives. I never would have guessed where this would lead us, that last week we would be standing with all 5 kids inside their new house.

These are some neighbor kids and a woman I was visiting with. She has four beautiful little girls. She followed Silas around petting and playing with his hair. The poor kid is getting used to being caressed by amused strangers.
My shy, timid , little princess Louisa.

Carmela and Louisa having some fun with the little gifts the IDT group left behind for them. I just noticed the floating foot in the picture. I think it might be a Silas foot. He was SO filthy that day. He ran around with the pack of neighborhood kids through dirt and the black remnants of old cook fires. Its kind of amusing how easily he fits right in. He's my little albino Mexican. At that age he has no idea he's experiencing a completely different culture or witnessing poverty. He's just a kid playing with other kids.

In the childrens room, the group of youth that came from Lethbridge Alberta , left all kinds of treats, some hand knit sweaters, and little toys. The kids had a blast looking through all the treasures and hiding them all away in the drawers of their first dresser.

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