Silly kids

Ramiro is quite a little character. Full of big smiles and mischief. Poor little guy had his hair all chopped off by what looked like a drunk barbour. As it turns out ,sadly enough, it was true. He and some neighbor boys laughed as they explained that 6 year old Ramiro had drank too many beer and cut all his hair off. They showed my husband the pile of empties. He is a little boy left to raise himself and navigate a world of dispair and poverty. He needs so much. So much more than a new place to sleep. Something a few good intentioned "handouts" or "hand-ups" won't give him. I just pray that the tangible reminder that someone cared about him is enough to change something.


When we went out to see the new house last night, a whole bunch of neighbor kids and cousins were all playing and admiring the new house.

My boy Alvaro enjoying a bannana and cracking jokes about being a monkey.


Kids are silly no matter what country or conditions they live in!
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