Day of love and friendship.

Little Sara and Nancy, along with Silas and the rest of "Betty's pre-school", had a lot of fun this past week making valentines crafts. On Thursday Silas walked into preschool with heart cookies sitting ready to decorate and eat. I think he may have heard angels singing. Silas has really enjoyed going to his "school" two mornings a week since January. Thankyou Betty and Cristin!


My Sweetheart surprised both his girls with roses yesterday morning. I realize it's not actually February 14th until today but the occasion seemed to span the whole weekend. Aili was so thrilled about her first bouquet and even strolled around outside holding them for a while. It was cute.

We also surprised our sponser girl Maggai with a small bouquet of roses too. I'm so happy that something a simple as a few roses made her feel loved and special..thats what it's about. I didn't think Alejandro would appreciate them but maybe we'll find him a heart candy or something.

"Dia de Amor y Amistad" Day of love and friendship here in Mexico seems to be a somewhat new tradition but the streets and stores are loaded with roses and other little tokens available to buy. I really like that I have yet to see those annoying valentines punch out cards that kids in Canada are obligated to give everyone they know.
The closest we came was bagging up strawberries out of the 10 lb box we bought along the side of the road. Since there is no way we can even fit a box like that in our kitchen the kids decided to knock on staff doors and hand them little bags of the red berries. The kids really had a blast surprising people with strawberries.

We put our roses together in our best vase and on the only flat surface safe from spillage. The roses are beautiful...the surroundings do lack something to be desired though. They made me smile when I woke up this morning.

Last night the Bible Institute students hosted a Valentines banquet for those who had bought tickets in advance. The meal was amazing!! The cafeteria was beautifully decorated and we were served a gourmet meal. Three different kinds of steamed vegitables (with no lard or cheese!!) and stuffed chicken breasts (with no skin and bones!). There wasn't a bowl of salsa or chili to be found. There may have been a lot of dissapointed Mexicans there but my palate was very happy.

I forgot to take my camera but I assure you everyone looked beautiful :)

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On a less valentinesy note the above picture is of Mayra washing her socks and Silas joining in on the fun. The kids here are taught to wash their own socks and undies from a very young age. Behind each of the homes there are always little ones with their sleeves pushed up scrubbing away at socks.

Happy Valentines Day!

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