Work and play

Work continues on the "Guardaria" (Daycare) and the Learning Center for Disabled children buildings. Nathanael was working on these buildings back when they were just holes in the dirt and footings waiting to be made into a foundation. Right now he is working in other areas. It amazes me how quickly the buildings are going up considering all the other projects, renovations and post-flood repairs that also demand attention. Those guys are fast. It won't be long before the buildings are full of kids. The bricks reminds me of legos. Profound, I know. Maybe its because I step on and sweep up legos all day.


Tio Nathanael and Alejandro.

Play time outside the cafeteria. The kids were going for rides on some sort of cart.

Aili and Rosalinda. Don't these two look beautiful in this picture? Pretty rose is how Rosalinda translates into English...very fitting. This little girls smile can brighten up anyones day. Aili just loves her.
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