Extreme Home Makeover

The house is finished! It took four days and a whole lot of effort from a lot of people. It is gorgeous isn't it? Ok, if you put it in a lot of other settings it wouldn't seem nearly as marvellous but next to their old "house" it's an extreme upgrade.

They kept the family out of the house for the last few hours as they moved in some furniture and did the finishing touches to the inside. My husband rushed back home to pick the kids and I up just before 2pm this afternoon. Once we arrived back at the new house,I snuck in for a quick preview of the work being done. I don't think I have ever actually cried tears of joy in my life. Actually I find the whole concept a bit odd, usually when I'm happy I just smile...never tears. This brought me to tears.

The blue house next to theirs also recieved a fresh coat of paint and a new roof. Their house had been badly damaged in last months storm and was missing the roof. I'm so glad the group that came was also able to bless that family as well.

Minerva's mom served the whole group a lunch of fresh tortillas, chicken, rice and beans. A "muy rico" meal. A sure fire way to get sick though, since there is no refridgeration (the meat was bought a few days ago) and the kitchen conditions are ...well..you can use your imagination. It was a very generous gesture. Roll the dice as to whether we will be spending more time than usual in the bathroom tonight. Since I came later in the afternoon , I had thought I conventiently missed lunch, but my girl Minerva made sure they saved me a bowl. Hot out of the pot might have been a bit safer than cold sitting in the sun for 3 extra hours. Our weak Canadian stomachs just aren't accustomed to what theirs are....despite all the taco stands I frequently eat at. To make the moment more awkward I was watched while I smiled and forced myself to eat it(with visions of a stray dog running out of the house with a chicken carcass in its mouth yesterday in my mind...thankfully the carcass was retrieved and salvaged). I was watched not only by the eager smiles of those who gave it to me, but the longing stares of all the neighbor kids who really really wanted my dinner. Fingers crossed for a stomach of steel tonight.

More pictures tomorrow! Of the inside and all the kids enjoying their new home.

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