sunshiney weekend.


On Saturday we drove south to San Quintin for "Globos" (market) which is open every saturday. On Tuesdays the small one here in Colonia Vicente Guerrero is open but San Quintin has a lot more vendors...and its on a weekend. A desperate need of socks was the initial reason for the shopping trip. I am proud to announce I now have 5 new pair of hole free socks!
Before hitting the shopping ciruit we decided to fuel up on tacos at our favorite San Quintin taco stand. mmm..Tacos Asada all around. Bliss. Nothing like sitting (well actually standing because the stools were taken) in the sunshine, eating deliciously flavourful tacos with chihuahuas circling close by ready to clean up anything we drop. It's a dining experience not easily replicated in Canada. Sorry Taco Bell...your food will never even compare.

You never know what you'll come across while shopping at the big city Globos. Yes, clowns are just as creepy in Mexico.

Silas and his amigo Kayden (his parents are staff here)having a stare down. Any guesses what they both want?
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