Kids that make me smile...most of the time.

I love how Silas so easily entertains himself. When he gets in the zone he will tinker and play for hours by himself.

Javier isn't so much a kid as a young man but he still makes me smile. I think he makes every one who knows him smile. Why? Because this young man is the friendliest most cheerful boy I know. You can't walk by him with out a big smile( even though its difficult for him) and a good solid greeting. I don't know that if I were in his shoes, watching my own body waste away from Muscular Dystrophy, I would be able to pull myself out of self pity long enough to greet anyone much less do it with a huge smile.

Martin makes me smile just because he's so darn cute.

And these two? They are so full of life and mischief that they can't help but make me smile. Last Sunday Carlos (red jacket) and I spent almost a full hour playing with a lady bug and an empty M&M package. Arnoldo has a lot of issues and a past full of things that no child should have to experience but he still has the resiliency to reclaim his childhood. That makes me smile.
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