A floor!

We went out this morning to visit our kids in Santa Fe and check out their new cement slab. It rained quite a bit last night so all the puddles and mini lakes are once again full of water and mud. We definately put our vehicle through some "off-roading" experiences trying to find our way up the hill to their house.


This past weekend 3 truckloads of dirt were brought in and shoveled to build a flat foundation on their sloped property. On Monday a cement slab was poured and next Monday the house building will begin, if all goes as planned. I admit I'm feeling a little nervous about the recent rains but the forcast looks pretty clear. Not that a house can't go up in the rain but if the temporary dirt bridge that connects us with the world washes out again the group that is coming down with the supplies, money and man power to build the house might be delayed. I'm trying not to even entertain that worry. I thank God that the rain held off long enough for the slab to get poured and to dry (mostly) before we got dumped on again.


Check out Carmela's baby doll strapped to her. What a cute little mama.

Minerva and Alvaro were in school when we arrived this morning. I am SO pleased that they are attending school now. Minerva for the first time in a real public school. She is 13 and is starting out in 2nd grade. She is very bright and doing well I've heard. I wish the other two little ones could go to as they are about 6 and 8 years old now. Someone has to be home to look after little Louisa (3) during the day though...and little mama Carmela (8) is it.

Ramiro and Carmela were SO extremely proud of their new floor. They showed it off to us and Ramiro even showed us a few new tricks. :) Carmela is careful to protect her new floor and guards it from other children, bikes and anyone who might get it dirty. Their current house is falling apart more with each rain we get. I noticed even bigger holes and gaps in the the plastic and carboard walls and ceiling. Only another week kids!

It struck me as I was flirting with beautiful little Louisa standing in the doorway of her house that this was a picture out of a television special. A picture from a World Vision catalog or a Compassion advertisement. The difference was that there isn't a soft hymn being played in the background and I can't turn the channel. The snotty faced, matted and infested haired, barefoot, ragged little girl smiling up at me with her gorgeous brown eyes is real. It's real life. These are our friends, our kids. All five kids and their pregnant mom huddle in a shack the size of my bathroom at home. In a shack made of garbage , in temperatures that reach nearly freezing.


On a lighter note. Any guesses what kind of craziness is going on in our trailer?
You just never know what a couple little boys will think of to play when forced to stay indoors on a cool, wet early morning.
Me: "Roman what on earth are you doing?"
Roman:"I'm a first nations"
Me: "a what?"
Roman:" We're playing First Nations and I'm a First Nation...I even have a bow and arrow."

I had a good chuckle about that one. No more "cowboys and Indians" , its now "lets go play Cowboys and FirstNations". I guess I should be proud that my boys are that culturally sensitive and politically correct. We've never had a discussion about it really but they over hear the correct terminology. Now they just need to figure out that they don't still live in teepees, use tomhawks... or jump around on beds half naked. Well...unless they're part of the village people. Ok I'll stop now before I digress any further.


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