Shopping Baja Style

Every Tuesday several blocks of the town of Colonia Vicente Guerrero turns into a market. We go quite often to buy our vegitables and fruit for the week. This week the kids and I went to do our grocery shopping and browse through the stalls. In case we didn't stand out enough already Silas decided he needed to wear his Spiderman clothes. One benefit of looking like a freak show is the kids are easier to spot in a crowd. Back home if someone were to see something that looked odd or somewhat unusual they might inconspicuously glance or even rudely stare. Here they exclaim , point, even run after and pet my children. It's quite funny actually. We do our best to blend in, not to look like tourists (ok the Spiderman outfit doesn't exactly qualify as blending in...or a tourist for that matter). I leave my backpack, water bottles, camera back at the trailer and I don't own a fanny pack. I made an exception this time and took my camera. I did feel like a bit of a freak taking pictures of fruit and beans but given the fact that Silas was already looking like a side show...I figured people wouldn't notice his touristy mother.

Roman spent 12 pesos (about 1 American $) of his 20 peso allowance on a bandanna.

"When I'm wearing this people won't know that I'm not Mexican! They think I'm Americano because of my blonde hair but now they can't see my hair. They will think it's black!"

I didn't have the heart to tell him that his unruly blonde hair was still sticking out all over the sides of his disguise and his white freckled face was still looking fairly Americano-ish. He happily skipped along absolutely content that he was looking like everyone else.


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I doubt anyone has noticed that my pictures have drastically changed quality, other than me. Our camera spazzed out and stopped working a couple weeks ago. It was less than a year old and we really liked it. We sent it back to Canada in hopes that some friends of ours will take it to London Drugs before the warranty is expired. I had the forethought to pack along our old clunker camera, just in case. I'm trying to be thankful that we at least have a camera, even if I have to remember to use it outdoors, in perfect lighting and to ask the subject of my photo to "hold that pose" for several seconds (you know how well that captures the moment with busy kids!).

On another technologically challenged side note. I changed our browser to Google Chrome and my blog is working much faster and my spell check is working again. I still have some silly filter things to deal with while I'm down here but I'm hoping that I won't be loosing my pictures anymore.

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Jobina said...

Roman looks so grow up in his bandana! Too cute!