First step to a new house!

The house project has officially begun!!
Nathanael, 6 friends, and Roman , spent the day today digging and leveling 3 truckloads full of gravel/dirt. The property is on the side of a hill so it took quite a bit of work to get it ready for the foundation to be poured. Next comes the foundation. A group working with IDT will be arriving to build the actual house on Feb. 15th.

We are SO excited to see the finished project!

It was miserable weather for most of the day today and as you can see by Romans bombero raincoat they worked in the rain. We didn't get another rain like the flood rain...just passing showers.
I was home, in the trailer with the 3 kids (Roman didn't go to help dad until 2pm) wishing I could be of more help. The older two would have been fine to have there all day but it would have been difficult to get much done with Silas around. He would have been fine for a couple hours but not for 7. Although it appears that half the neighborhood kids came to help anyhow :)

This week the bridge going over a drainage ditch at the orphanage was rebuilt. It's still waiting on some iron railing and a little more cement (?) but it should stand up to any storm we get now. My husband knows how to build things strong! Our coffee tables have withstood every kind of abuse for years now.
We had a "small world" moment with the gentleman on the right who came down to volunteer for a couple weeks. His daughter and son in law live in the little town next to us in SK and we actually know his son in law (and the son-in-laws family).

Aili and Roman have been on a "helping other people with yard work" kick this past week. Whatever keeps the troups busy and out of trouble. ;) It's been nice to see them take the iniative to help others. Now I wish they would have the same enthusiams for doing work at their own house.

Silas takes his job of playing very seriously.

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