Los Vientos

After looking around the tiny fishing town at Bahia de Los Angeles yesterday we ventured a couple miles out of town and found this secluded little resort. We managed to get a really good deal on two rooms for two nights (actually nearly half of what was advertised). Our friends got the "honeymoon" suite. We have a little cottage style room with one bedroom (with a queen size bed) and two more single beds out in the main area. Silas slept well on the couch last night. It's cute and much bigger than our trailer! The amenities are pretty basic but its a very nice little resort. The view is spectacular and I think we were the only ones here last night.
When we arrived yesterday it was REALLY windy and cool. I thought "Los Vientos" (The Winds) was very appropriately named.
This morning, however, we woke up to a gorgeous day. Much warmer and very little wind.

The land that you can see across the water isn't main land Mexico , its many small islands and one very large island that separates Bahia from the rest of the Gulf of California. It's full of all sorts of diverse marine life. We'll be eating seafood at this little resort restaurant this evening. It's like having our own private chef. :)

Our little duplex for the weekend.

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