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These are just a few more pictures from our afternoon at the market and one of Roman enjoying a new little pet. He only kept it for a day and then let it go.

I need to get off the computer and start getting ready for our mini Mexican road trip tomorrow. I need to pack, the problem is I only have one tiny suitcase and no where to put the boxes and bags once they are packed. Our trailer is too small and our car is currently in town getting electrical work done. Thus the justification for my procrastination. We aren't taking our trailer and we are taking along two friends so we will need to pack light. Our SUV is going to be crammed full.

We are planning on driving about another 5 or so hours down the Baja Peninsula and cross over to the other side to the gulf of Mexico also known as the Sea of Cortez.
The water is far warmer and calmer than the Pacific ocean. Bahia de Los Angeles is our destination. It is a little beach side community of about 500 people. We have looked it up online and there are places to sleep and little restaurants. It will be a bit of an adventure I'm sure. The pictures I found online look beautiful.
It makes me feel a little more secure about the trip knowing we are going along with a couple Mexican friends. It will be good practice for my Spanish skills.

Sooo...now to pack swimsuits, towels, clothes, first aid kit, sunscreen, sunhats, allergy meds, drinking water for 7 people for 3 days, snacks, toiletries, and some bedding just in case.....

I'll bring back lots of pictures for you!


Jobina said...

wow, that's a lot to pack! Sounds like a wonderful time away for you guys though, enjoy!
Boy that pottery at the market is beautiful!

Valen and Carol said...

Love the Spiderman outfit...Taylor wore out a couple of them at that age! =)