2 weeks from today!!

I am missing Mexico and dreaming of the next time I will be there. Which is only 2 more weeks! We have been planning this trip for a year now and its finally almost here. We are taking a group of 15 people down to the FFHM orphanage in Baja Mexico the same place we lived and worked at 3 years ago. This time instead of staying 6 months we will only be there for 1 whirl wind week. We will also be childless for this trip which will also be different from last time we were there. Last time we were there Roman was only 2 and Aili was 4 . It was a challenge to be a parent to two young children and to be involved in the work I love. My kids adapted and made Mexico their home, infact for Roman he didn't remember living anywhere else. After we returned home to Canada I remember Aili asking why there were no Mexicans in our town...I just said I didn't know and that in some other towns there were probably Mexicans. Roman piped up and insisted there were too Mexicans in our town. We were Mexican and we moved here! You will have no trouble picking out my slightly pale looking Mexican kids playing with their amigos in the picture above.

Homemade 'slip and slide' fun on a Sunday afternoon.

I loved going to the surrounding labour camps with some of the other Mexican, American and Canadian staff. It was a highlight for me of our stay in Mexico. I love getting to and experiencing the nitty gritty of culture and people.

Everytime I get a newsletter in the mail ,which was today ,I miss and yearn to be part of the various amazing ministries there. To check them out go to http://www.ffhm.org/ . I read about the disabled childrens day home where kids who are often destined to a life in bed are given medical care, education and occupational type therapy...and I want to be there. I read about the team of Mexican men and woman going to Sinaloa to minister to the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers living in labour camps and working in the fields...the poorest of the poor...and I long to be there with them! I read about the ministry a retired couple have taking in abandoned and ill babies to fragile for the nursery....and I want to be there. I would love to go there long term but so far God has not opened those doors for us. We know God has something for us. He may be leading us to do something completely different in a completely different place or it just hasn't been the right time. Housing for families is in short supply. Someday maybe. Maybe when our kids are all grown up. Maybe this was just our training ground for something else God has in store for us. Either way it will be good to go back and visit the place where I left a piece of my heart.
In recent months I feel torn in so many directions, different possibilities, different places, ...choices...waiting...wondering. I know God desires to use us where ever we are though, whether that is loving on our little foster boy in Hickville Canada or living with and loving on students in a foreign country. I am only the jar made of clay. God is the one that fills me with every good thing....and He's the one who knows where I should be poured out. All I have to do is listen to the voice of my shepherd, and follow in obedience when He calls.
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