Summertime the sequel

Just when we thought summer was over for good, we had a weekend of 30 degree Celcius weather!  Incredible considering some years we have snow by now.
The Hubster had a weekend away from harvest {because of an earlier rain} so off to the lake we went.
We quickly packed up the trailer and drove to a campground about an hour and a half from our house.
We really enjoy fall camping but it isn't usually this hot!  The campgrounds are quiet, most of the misquitos already froze to death, and the Autumn leaves are gorgeous.  

The lake was cold!

The kids didn't seem to mind.   

They had a fun afternoon at the beach...
maybe a little too much fun.

Resulting in a few "time-outs".  A feeble effort to bring the gratuitous amount of crazed energy and social 
un-awarness back to acceptable levels.  
We finished the day with our classic camping meal.

The kids spent the rest of the evening at the playground and exploring around our campsite.

Sunday morning we all woke up a little grumpy, because somebody screamed for 3 hours during the night....
an angry, "this isn't my bed", "I want to go home right now" kind of hysteria.  
It was awesome.
After we attempted to wash the sand and camp filth off of our kids, and pack up the trailer (while trying to keep the kids from getting filthy all over again) we drove to church in the City.

Afterwards we met some friends for a picnic at the river.
Day two of beach fun!

This time we went to a secluded top secret location that involved a short drive and a 10 minute hike through marsh and brush.  It was worth the trek though.  We had a huge sand bar all to ourselves.
Which is a good thing because I forgot Cece's swimsuit in the car (on the other side of the brush and marsh).

 Our friends treated us to a yummy picnic lunch.   

We spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up our last rays of Vitaman D while we watched our river children dominate the sand bar.

Tomorrow, instead of cleaning out the trailer and washing all our filthy wet clothes, I'll be putting on my farmer hat back on and running the combine 
(with hopes that the cleaning fairies will do the house work while I'm gone). 
  I think the end of Harvest 2011 is in sight!
I'm not nearly as excited to see the end of summer though.  We had a great one and I have the pictures to prove it!

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Marcy said...

That looks AWESOME!! I just posted a similar but not the same kind of post. LOL J-man said "We are NOT going to waste this day, are we MOM?" Ha ha!

I am in love with your photos. YOu are really good at it.

Oh, and I love Cece's chubalicious legs! So cute!!