So thankful for 18 months

My baby is morphing into a little girl a little more each day. 
She follows the big kids around and is convinced she can do everything that they can.  
She is full of toddler opinions, attitude, and independence.
Her scrunched up nose ear to ear smile, and generous giggles light up our home.

Miss Cece is a smoocher.  There is nothing sweeter than her little puckered lips and her chubby hands on my cheeks.  
Anytime she hears music she dances. 
She loves to snuggle and sing with me in the rocking chair at bedtime.

She is Daddy's little sidekick, and his cherished treasure.

Every little girl should have a Daddy that reflects God's constant, secure, gentle, protecting, and adoring love for her.   I'm so thankful that I have that kind of Dad, and that my kids do too. 
It makes my heart ache to know that so many little girls don't know that kind of love, most will seek to fill that void the rest of their lives. 

I adore her curls.  

She is my little shadow, wanting to "help" with every chore.  

Grandpa is arguably one of her favorite people...quite possibly THE favorite.  The sound of his voice coming in the back door sends her into a frenzy of squealing elation.  She swoons, snuggles, plays, and is jealous for his full attention.  I think the swooning is mutual.  

We are so thankful for 1 1/2 years with our little treasure. 


Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

Beautiful!! I am one of those who didn't have that when I was little. My own "little" girl {almost 19} is adopted, too. I have been known to shed private tears as I listen to and watch her sharing special moments with her dad and her grandpa. I wish every little girl could have that!

We Are Family said...

The MOST precious pictures!

Marcy said...

Sweetness!! Makes me want to do that stage all over again. Boy do I wish we were able to adopt again. Sigh! All in God's good plan...

those pictures are memories made by that sweet little thing and the relationships she's devoted to. Love it.

Penelope said...

I love this age too! So cute! Our Lil Bit broke his arm trying to keep up with the big kids. Watch out! Hugs!

p.s. My comments disappeared when it went to word verification. Maybe it could be disabled?