A Drinking Binge, and Canada Day

We're pretty boring with our beverages around here (at least as far as the kids go).   My kids get a bit of milk and a lot of water.  You won't find juice or soda in our fridge...unless it's some unusual occasion.  In the summer I go hog wild and put lemon slices in the water pitcher.  My kids think it's lemonade.  Seriously.  

In the summer we also pull out the juicer, not that we couldn't in the winter too, but it's just more fun (and affordable) when fresh produce is more readily available, or free from the garden.

Two of these children pictured above are my pickiest eaters, and most resistant to suspicious substances that could possibly be toxic waste (because I've been known to serve up toxic goo for dinner).  It's always a toss up whether they'll be adventurous enough to consume the juice we create. 

So far so good though.  This summer Silas is my biggest juicing fan and is always eager to make juice.  I think he just like shoving the produce in the noisy machine.  Whatever works. 

This is the pile of fruit and vegi's consumed by these three kids at mid morning snack time.  We've been experimenting with all kinds of combinations of various fruits and vegis to find things that are somewhat kid approved.  
 I'm a little more hard core and I like throw back some straight mean green juice with lots of spicy fresh ginger.  Right now my garden is packed with all kinds of various greenery... fresh kale, swiss chard, spinach, baby beet greens, cilantro, and various lettuces.  Stocking up on colour before the long anaemic winter returns. 

Juice is way more fun when you can make it yourself. 

Elijah wasn't so sure, but after seeing the other two down their glasses he gave it a go.   He's a great eater though so I'm not too worried about getting nutrition into him via juice.  He likes to eat his greens. I've been making a consistent effort to combat the malnutrition/ anaemia that he had developed.  It seems to be working, he's growing lots, and has had only one short lived cold in 5 months. 

On July 1st we celebrated Canada Day. 
We went over to our new neighbours to invite them over for a Weiner roast, but instead they were already cooking up a storm making food for us.  Our new neighbours are several guys  fresh from the Philipines, brought over to work at a local manufacturing business.  They live  in a "camp" down the road from us and they all have wives and kids back in the Philipines waiting to come over. 

Those home made spring roles were delish.  
I was super impressed...not bad for a bachelor pad feast. 
We spent most of the afternoon hanging out, it was good fun.  

 I'm thankful that we have some new faces, and new friends, in Hickville. 
It was a great way to spend Canada Day. 

In other news....
my summer house guests will be arriving Monday!  My bestest friend and sister in law, and her son are coming for their 4th annual Canadian summer.  July is going to be a busy whirlwind...lots to fit in when we only get about a month and a half of summer (before harvest starts).  So if I don't blog much you can assume I've either been sucked dry by a raging swarm of Saskatchewan mosquitos,  or am just having too much fun to turn on the computer.  

Soli Deo Gloria,

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Marie said...

Ok, your kids are brave! I'm not a fussy eater, but always think juice with greens in it must be awful. lol! I'll have to give it a try sometime.