Keeping Up

I've been pondering this little old blog for a bit today.

It's been a little hobby of mine for five years now but it's been mostly the same for all of those years. A pretty steady number of hits on each post, a pretty steady number of readers, the same number of 'followers' month after month, year after year.  I'm actually kind of ok with that (especially since I've never really made the effort to achieve anything else or aspired to be a "big blogger"), but being the 'same' all the time get's kind of boring.  Or maybe it's just me that's gotten boring...which is quite likely too.

 Every once in a while I try to assess, evaluate, and try to decide what I want to do with it, if I want to continue, or if I have actual goals associated with my little form of online therapy.

I've also been trying lately to update myself, and I'm trying to keep up with the changing world of social networking and blogging.  I admit I feel like a low tech girl in a high tech world.

I recently opened up my first Instagram account. When I created my account last week, I was shocked to see that I might be the only person I know not on there.   I had to borrow my daughters (second hand) iphone to do it too.   I still don't have a smart phone, in fact I may be the last person on the planet who uses a regular old flip style cell phone.  I fear I have become irrelevant, maybe even obsolete.  A full fledged old fogie.  I can't even figure out Pinterest...or stand to look at it long enough to figure out why it's relevant to me.  But I refuse to be left behind!...although I'm pretty sure I'm limping a solid distance behind the crowd.

I've been observing some other blogggers and blogs and I realized that I needed to try a few new things to keep you all involved, interested, and intrigued.

Because clearly my witty humour and charming personality simply aren't enough.

So, with some trepidation and fear of being perceived as (or actually being) narcissistic I opened a Facebook page just for my blog. Ta-da!

 I have a personal page as well that I spew all over, and clutter up with all kinds of jibber jabber but I decided it might be better to have a page that is more of an interactive community...and less nonsense posts from me.

 I so appreciate those of you who have joined me here...some of you for nearly five years.
I would love a place for readers, lurkers, commenter's, and friends to be able to stay up to date, be involved, ask questions, make comments, and share their own story.  Think of it like us getting together for coffee...or sitting in a porch swing with some ice tea (in the summer...right now the tea would be a little heavy on the ice).  Come and hang out, stay in touch, and share your own voice.
I've had no shortage of sharing mine...now I would love to get to know you, the reader, better.

So, my new addition is linked in the top right corner of my blog.  If you so desire you may click on it, and hit "like" on my page.  I will be tickled, and all giddy in the dorkiest of ways.

I realize that I might sit here with crickets chirping like the last kid picked for the dodge ball team, or the kid who finds herself alone at a junior high cafeteria table...but I'm ok with that too.

This is merely a little experiment, not a popularity contest, or a need to be validated.

After all, I survived the literal sitting along in Junior High, and was often picked last for teams in gym class...so 15 "likes" might actually seem like a step up.

In other news,
this little man is doing amazing.
It's almost annoying how resilient he is.  

Thankyou to those of you who prayed for us, and for him.  It has all gone so much smoother than we expected and were prepared for.

I am so thankful that I can now walk on two feet, and have two free hands.  I'm not very graceful or fast, and I don't have full range of motion in either ankle/ foot yet....but I can now carry my child again.  I can make dinner, and sweep the floor, and bake, and even carry laundry up the stairs!

I never ever thought I'd be thankful to be able to do those things, but I am.  I'm almost giddy about it. I have two feet, and I can walk on them.   Some things we should just never take for granted.

Maybe I'm more keenly aware of that now that Elijah's ability to walk has gone backwards about 20 steps.

It is an honour to be this little guys Mama.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one int he world with out a smart phone , or Facebook or Instagram. Well, I guess now I am. :) I am holding out. I think less is more. :) I got sucked into Pinterest and regretted it. It felt like a breeding ground for covetessness and pressure to overachive to me. I am sure more mature Christians can handle it much better. :) Love your new family pictures!