Spring is here, and I'm tired.

(Daddy having some late night snuggle time)

It's seeding season here on the farm.  For my non-agricultural readers that is the time of year when us Canadian farmers put some grain into the ground in expectation that it will yield a harvest.  It's the kick off to our somewhat short growing season.  It is the time of year that my hubby leaves with a packed cooler first thing in the morning and then gets home long after the kids have gone to bed.  

Farm life, and it's constantly changing, unpredictable, yet cyclical seasons, has always been a part of my life.  Some farm wives have a hard time adjusting to their life being dictated by things like weather and seasons but it's just natural to me.  I grew up with a farmer Dad, and despite marrying an American city boy...ended up being a farmers wife. 

Right now being a farmers wife means single parenting for a few weeks. 

It's almost comical that the day seeding started this little bundle of sweetness arrived in our home.  Because we can't ever do things the easy way right?  Over all it's gone well.  We are making it through each day...and night.  I was thinking back to my other home-made newborns and neither of us has ever had "maternity leave" or "paternity leave".  Aili was born during harvest....so my husband was back out in the fields the day we got home from the hospital.  Roman was a summer time baby and was born during hay and silage season.  Silas was my winter baby and most likely my husband was around quite a bit more when he was tiny.  Adding another baby into the business of life just doesn't seem like that big a deal.  Baby Annie is our 7th foster child and our 4th foster newborn.

Right now my house is a mess.  My kids and I ate popcorn for supper.  We haven't finished up our home schooling year yet.  My days are a blur of noise, laundry, cooking, breaking up sibling spats, various appointments in various towns, long division, boiling bottles, feeding and burping a baby.  My nights are a blur of catching moments of sleep, rocking a baby, mixing formula into bottles, waking up to squeeks and cries, and falling asleep with a tiny girl on my chest. 

But I get to see moments like this.
I love my sleep as much as the next person...maybe more because it's such an elusive and rare commodity but in the end, 
It's a good trade. 

They're worth it.  Two beautiful precious little girls. I'm so thankful I get to love them.

It has finally warmed up enough to put in the garden. I'm rarely very organized about it but each year we get the seeds into the dirt. 

Roman is teaching little sister how to plant the onion sets. 

Today was the first day that felt like summer.  It was SO warm! 
Warm enough for some water play in the back yard.

 \Yay for green grass!

Big sister helping Elijah fill the water guns. Never too big for a turtle pool right?

This little girlie is so goofy.  Seriously.  She's our comic relief without even realizing she is.

Spring is here. 
 I'm tired
but it's short and beautiful season. 
Someday I'll get all the rest I can stand..until then I'll let Jesus be my Sabbath. 

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