Thankful and Tired

It seems that we are getting a summer encore.  Our summer was short and cool but now October has been gorgeous.  The best part is last month's frosty nights killed the mosquito.  

October also brought the end of a very long harvest.  I survived single parenting season for another year.  We celebrated by escaping for a couple days to a small campground.  The weather was perfect for camping, the trees were showing off their fall colors, the campground was virtually empty and there were no bugs. It was just what we needed. A perfect little breather on Thanksgiving weekend (our Canadian holiday).

The short Autumn days made for some glowstick fun before bedtime.

Our trailer was parked right next to a playground.  Which meant some chill time around the campfire for Mom and Dad! 

Aili looks taller than me in this photo! I'm pretty sure it was uneven ground.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

My sweet Miss Cece.  She still struggles with her head to toe eczema...it was particularly itchy that weekend. 

My gorgeous girls.  

A rare picture with me in it,

and our fat little dog Taco.

The only thing better than hotdogs and smores is eating them with friends. 

After a couple days of camping we cleaned ourselves up and spent a day at my parents house.

Miss Cece adores her Grandpa. 


After a delectable Thanksgiving turkey dinner I asked my sister to snap a few pictures of our family...since we were all in our nice duds and in one place.  Chasing down the kids and convincing them to cooperate was easy compared to wrangling the husband. 

Have you noticed how much our tiny foster baby has grown? She's nearly 6 months old now, rolling everywhere, and starting to sit up.  I wish I could add "sleeping through the night" to that list...but alas, we continue our nighttime visits. 

She's worth it.  Besides who needs sleep when you've got coffee and carbs. 
My ulcer and ballooning butt would agree. 

Life continues in limbo as far as our wee one is concerned.  We treasure each day, and are thankful for each milestone we get to witness.  

Clearly Aili didn't get the "Smile!" memo.

Good enough. 

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Anonymous said...

Haha! "My ulcer and ballooning butt would agree" You are hilarious. :) Alli looks amazingly like you. I love genetics, such miracle.