Happy Birthday Silas!

One thing about blogging that I love is memory keeping.  I began this blog when Silas was only a year old.  I can scroll back and reminisce through each of his Birthday's.  Which is especially nice if you have a memory like a sieve. 

My last "tummy baby" is eight years old.  
The years rush by so fast it leaves me breathless.  I really do love this age though.  There is a sweetness, and softness that happens when a boy is between the barbaric preschool years and the onset of adolescence.  It is a beautiful but brief window of opportunity to pour in and invest.  
A few more blinks and these last couple years of boyhood will be replaced with becoming a man.  

Every year Silas covers his ears when we sing "Happy Birthday".  It's just his thing.  I think I would miss it if he stopped. 

Once again we kept the party simple.  Just us.  We are enough to fill the room anyhow. 
We made the evening special with bags of popcorn, a family movie, corn dogs for supper and smores cake for dessert. 
Tomorrow after church he's going with a couple friends to a Trampoline gym for an hour.  

Aili is our resident baker.  She has gotten very good at baking but occasionally has a mishap that we have to chalk up to "live and learn".

Today we learned that when you make a very large cake, it also takes a longer time than expected to bake all the way through.  
I was away in the morning so wasn't around to quality control.  I knew it looked a little sunken in the middle but I didn't expect it to be mostly raw.  We did salvage the outside edge and everyone got a piece before it went in the garbage.  It kind of looks like pudding cake. 

Oh well.  Makes for a funny memory. 

Two new Lego sets and this guy is in a state of bliss.  
He's a Lego Junkie.  
Or maybe a Lego whiz kid.  He's crazy good at creating and building his own structures. 

This kid will disappear into his room with a new Lego set and a few minutes later he's got it built. 
I'm pretty sure it would take me hours...and I'd get distracted part way through and lose interest. 

He wants to be a Lego set designer when he grows up....that or live in my basement playing Legos wen he's 30. 

His obsession takes the guess work out of buying gifts anyway. 

I sure do love this kid.
More than that I really really like him.

Silas sees the silly in everything and has a quick sense of humour that keeps us laughing.  Although he has zero concept of "appropriate" and seems to have been born without a brain/ mouth filter. He is smart, focused, and curious.  He is such a sweet big brother with a huge heart for his little sisters.  In the past year or so a much softer more affectionate side of Silas has emerged and I'm loving it.  The preschooler who used to resist hugs (or touch of any kind) and didn't have much interest in snuggles is now constantly coming in for hugs, kissing his Mama on the cheek, and curling up next to me on the couch.  I'm more than happy to oblige.  I love the sweetness, compliance, and empathy that is beginning to emerge and grow.  

He's still quirky and slightly eccentric but I love that about him. 

As of now Silas is convinced that he would never want to get married but would much rather live alone with a pet turtle.   Somehow I can totally picture that.  Maybe a few bins of Legos thrown in there too.  

Happy Birthday Si-Fry! 

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