memorable moments

This is just a whole whack of pictures, moments and memories shoved into one mixed up blog post. The last few weeks have been a blur of activity, family fun, and vacation.

The kids are having their last picnic lunch up in the tree fort (their cousin left the next day after a 3 week visit)

On a side note.
We just received news today that our foster baby Cece has been made a "permanent ward" which means that she is now legally adoptable. I didn't expect that it would happen this quickly. Now begins the process of applying and praying that we will be her forever family. I would feel much more confident if she had already been in our home for a year. After a year they assume that there is a "significant bond" between the foster parents and the child. Under that she will go into the general adoption pool and could go to someone else already on the wait list for a baby. I guess 4 months is still considered an insignificant bond....
What may work to our benefit is that , in all honesty, a lot of people want a "healthy white baby".
She wouldn't be considered either.

I am happy that at least she is freed to be adopted by a family and won't spend her childhood bouncing around the system or dysfunctional family members. It would ease the pain of loosing her a bit knowing that she was going to a loving family.

I don't have much information yet on our chances of adopting her, the timeline or the hoops we have to jump through but we are wanting to get that ball rolling as soon as possible.

Daddy snuggling his "Angel"...we already have a "Princess".
This is probably the most bizarre and disturbing picture I've ever posted.
Yes, that is my clothes line.
Yes, that is my son.
That is my son sitting on top of a clothes line pole.
Just hanging out...checking out the view.
Aili came running into the house and told me to grab my camera. So I did.
As I walked out of the house ,I gasped and then calmly told him he needed to come down. Of course, I snapped a few pictures while my heart threatened to jump out of my throat. He casually slid all the way down.

Trying to get four Burlando kids to all look one direction is not an easy task!

...and a lot of little adventures.

Miss Cece was doted on by her Auntie and cousin (I warned you this post was random). I have never met a nine year old boy that is so baby crazy. He was the first to rush to her rescue if she so much as sighed in discontent. He bottle fed her, snuggled her and made her giggle. I have so enjoyed getting to know our nephew. He is a very sweet and funny little boy who cracked me up on a regular basis. Auntie Brook was like a second mom to Cece. I admit, it was very nice to have the extra set of capable arms.

Brook (my husbands sister) getting her baby fix.

One of the favorite activities at Family Camp was the climbing wall.
A lot of my family attended camp this summer. The picture below is my dad with Silas and another one of his grandsons. So sweet.
This is my beautiful 91 year old grandma. I hope that I am as healthy and fit as she is when I'm 91! She sets the bar pretty high though...
The kids played SO hard all week at camp.
My nephew at the climbing wall.
Roman doing what he does best....climbing the walls.
Silas and Daddy watching evening fireworks.
Our campsite that looked more like a shanty town.
More monkeys.

mmmm....camping treats.

The weather was gorgeous for camping, despite the forecast of rain all week. We did have one thunderstorm approach but I think it mostly missed it.....which is a good thing considering how ugly it looked from a distance.
Silas collecting strange things at the lake.

One of the camp horses.
This was the first year that the camp hosted a citizenship ceremony. People originating from all over the world came out to the camp that afternoon to recite their pledges and receive Canadian citizenship.

Roman enjoying horseback riding in a slightly unconventional way.
Me and my dear friend and sister in law had way too much fun together this past 3 weeks.
They left yesterday. We are going to really miss them! The kids all got along amazingly and I enjoyed having someone to chat and laugh with all day. I wish they lived closer.
We won't let much time go by without another visit I suspect....not another 20 years anyhow.
I just realized that I forgot to include pictures of my husband sailing his Hobiecat. Don't worry Honey...your boat deserves a post all it's own.


Rebecca M said...

Loved all the pictures and fun, random news! I'm so glad for this special time you guys have all had together!

We'll be praying for Cece!

Ashley DeLen said...

Hello! I too love this post. The storm did look not nice but aren't they beautiful from a distance like that! I love all the activities you had during your family camp! What fun!!

I will continue to pray for your little angel that you might the her forever family.

What busy busy fun! Have a wonderful restful weekend!

carrie church said...

The picture of Roman on the clothes line pole had me laughing out loud. I could picture Aaron doing the same thing - shortly after we moved into our new house he went out his bedroom window and onto the roof of the second story just to check something out. Even the look on Roman's face was something I would see on Aaron. Heart clenching and hilarious at the same time....