New kitties

After a few years of being pet-less and after many months of all three kids begging for various kinds of animals including anacondas, rats and dinosaurs....we decided to adopt two kittens. Since kittens are in abundant supply at any nearby farm we didn't have to look long to find two freebies. The kids spent the first two days outside ALL DAY with their new toys ..I mean...pets. At one point all three kids and two kittens were hanging out inside this doghouse (now cat house).
The whole crew. One of the rare pictures that includes me . Everyone is eating some left over birthday cake while I feed Cece. That look on my face is me trying to figure out how quickly I can get all those kids bathed and put to bed.

We had a nice busy summer weekend first visiting my sisters family at their new house and the next day visiting good friends on their farm. They have a little lake at their farm so the dads and kids went sailing. I had good intentions of taking some pictures but by the time I was done being an uninvolved mom visiting with my friend INSIDE the house (and feeding baby away from the mosquitoes) the kids were cold and done. Oh well there will be more weekends to take pictures of my little sailing prodigies.

Silas and his buddy Oliver looking a bit eccentric while they enjoy their rides. Future farmers?

Silas has a nice scab on his chin. Over a week ago he fell and scraped most of the skin off his chin. The next day he looked at his big ugly scab. His shoulders slumped and his head hung down as he sighed in frustration:
"That was my BEST chin. Now its RUINED. Mom can I buy a new one?"
I assured him it would heal.
My laundry utilizing a rare non rainy day. The one thing that is usually in unlimited supply on the Canadian prairie is wind and sun.
Just a little glimpse of this years garden. We are eating a LOT of salads but so far not much else is ready yet. In a couple more weeks we should have lots of fresh produce.

I'm glad my kids like salad. We have been eating a lot of "Taco Salads"

This is my healthy spin on a not always so healthy favorite.

I fill the plates with lettuce, and what ever other colorful veggies I have...tomato, peppers, green onions.
Then a few black olives, some fresh cilantro, a little shredded cheese, a hand full of kidney or pinto beans ( I usually cook them up a pot at a time and keep them in the fridge), then I crush a few Tostitos on the top to give it some yummy crunch.
for dressing I just drizzle a combo of plain yogurt and salsa over the tops.
super fast , super yummy, super healthy.
No cooking involved.

Last week I sliced fresh mango up on their plates as well. Made a yummy fruity side dish.

Speaking of supper....it's 5 pm and I have NO idea what I'm making for supper tonight.
Must go.


DORCAS said...

Thanks for sharing that recipe! Will definitely have to try it!



Ashley DeLen said...

What a fun weekend for you! I love the momma gaze of just how long it would take for baths! I just love it!!

I am going to have to try your take on taco salad. Yummm. We are trying to eat better in our family, so sounds like the perfect twist to tired boring old salad.

Have a wonderful day!
Ashley DeLen

Carla said...

I forgot to add that I LOVE avocado...on anything... particularly this salad. It helps fill you up too with the healthy fats.