This boy scares me

As a mom, I want to keep my kids safe.  Forever.  
However, since the time that this child could crawl I have known that keeping him alive would be a challenge.
He was built with an extra dose of courage,  a ridiculous craving for adventure and  heightened sense of honor.    

At the age of 2 he started informing me that he would soon be leaving to travel the world.  He told dramatic tales, at 3 years old, of sacrificing his own life to save us all from whatever danger or villain his imagination could conjure.  He assured us he would be our protector in the face of any adversary or disaster.   Despite his promises of "tomorrow I'm leaving" he hasn't left me to save the world...yet. 

I know I've only got about 10 years left before this boy is off and running though.  That makes me a little nervous sometimes.  There will be no safe accounting job in his future.   Whatever he does, it will most certainly include adrenaline and danger.  He aspires to protect the innocent, bring justice for victims, and boldly go where few are willing to go.   I doubt he will ever settle for status quo.  

He loves to watch to watch "Man vs. Wild" and adores Bear Gylles.   In preparation for his adventures he collects tips from "Survivor Man".  He then shares with me how to effectively strain swamp water through a sock or how it is possible to drink one's own urine.  Much to my delight of course.

He loves to dig and construct shelters, build fires in our fireplace with his flint, and carry his new army surplus canteen with him where ever he goes.  


While in Haiti, my husband worked with a retired U.S. airborne special forces Colonel.  This hardcore old gentleman decided to send my husband home with some souvenirs for Roman. The Colonel has either fought directly in, or was a chaplain, in every American battle from WWII to the first Gulf War.   I guess he heard enough Roman stories during his two weeks of building cabinets with my husband to know they would be appreciated.  He even wrote Roman a sweet letter.  

"It has come to my attention that you're a man after my own heart.  I hear that you like your cup of coffee in the morning, are inquisitive, like to explore and handle things - all of which describe me growing up during the great depression."

He reminded Roman that God loves him and to use the gifts God gave him.  

Roman has the letter safely tucked away in his treasure chest.

This boy has been saving up, and talking about buying a "fold up shovel" for a year now.  One he could carry with him on his bike (because you just never know when you'll need a shovel).   Roman was thrilled when his Dad pulled this one out of his suit case.  The Colonel had sent his genuine army issue "trenching tool" for Roman , along with the letter and a variety of "patches".   He is delighted that the edge of the entrenching tool also doubles as a hatchet (although as slightly inefficient, dull one).   He has already spent hours in the back yard chopping up dead branches with it. 

He used the money that he had saved up to buy a army surplus case for the tool as well as some other supplies that every 8 year old needs.   His survival collection now consists of a flint, an army issue canteen and case,  a trenching tool, a leatherman, and a swiss army knife.

When asked what he wants to do when he grows up, this boy usually either answers "a soldier",  "a Nazi fighter",  "an arborist" (you might have to google image that one),  or "a Bible smuggler".    

It's a good thing I trusted this boys life to God years ago!  I have a feeling his future will be spectacular, but I also suspect it will be anything but safe.  

I sometimes wish that I could keep him young, and safe at home forever.  However, I know God has big plans for this boy and I can release him to what ever that is.  As long as Jesus stays his only commander and chief I know he's in good hands. 

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.
Do everything in love."   1 cor. 16:13

{Roman's favorite Bible verse)

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Jobina said...

while I AM glad that I will not be the Mom at home worrying about this treasure of a boy, I can hardly wait to see what God does in his life! What a great verse too, that one would be great on a canvas in his room.