The Beasts

The last couple weeks our family has been nurturing two beasts.  
Let me introduce you to the first one.  
This is Dakota and she is Aili and Roman's first official paying job.  Our neighbors have been away for about 10 days and my kids job is to tend to this hulk of a puppy.   They were thrilled to do it, until the first time they were mauled, tackled and drug around town.   I guess where enthusiasm ends, our lesson in diligence begins.   They get up each morning and go feed, scoop poop and walk the dog and then do the same in the afternoon.  It harder than it sounds because of his brute size and exuberant puppiness.   It has been a great lesson in responsibility for my big kids.  

I'm not sure how old this pup is now but only a few months ago it was a tiny fur ball.  It's going to get a lot bigger than this I think.  It is super cute, even though it can knock me off my feet.

The second beast our family has been nurturing is Norovirus.

This beast isn't cute at all.
For the past week our family has been battling the plague.  All 6 of us were incredibly ill for days.  I'll spare you the horrific details but more than enough body fluids have been forcefully ejected in various parts of the house out of various orifices.  We are all feeling better as of today but a couple of the little ones still have some bowel issues.  It's been a crazy house of horrors here I tell you.  I have been a an OCD disinfecting queen everyday, at least once I was able to scrape myself off the bathroom floor, and I am determined to defeat this Beast.  

We have missed out on appointments, 2 weeks of church, and school work (not that anyone is complaining about that one) and I'm ready to reclaim my life as usual.   We had made plans to visit a couple of my siblings and their families that live 5 hours from us this weekend but I am more doubtful as the days go on....I still have my fingers crossed that we'll be virus free by then.  I would hate to bring with us the gift that keeps on giving.  


Jobina said...

the first beast: gorgeous!
the second beast: gross!
I'm not a big disinfecting person unless the whole house has been sick, then it's like I can't clean enough! Hope things keep getting better around there.

Marcy said...

Cute puppy!! I can see that that would be a couple of handfuls for the kids! And to do it while battling the other nefarious beast. ICK! At this point I hope you have all hardwood or smooth surfaces b/c that kind of sick on a carpet? shudder! Been there. HOpe you are all right as rain soon.

Sherri said...

I sure hope that you are all feeling 10% soon. Not fun at all.
Love the job the kids have. Great lessons learned. :)