Faith in the unseen

 By this time of year winter is starting to loose it's luster, if it ever was lusterous for me at all.  It  has been a very mild winter and I did miss an entire 6 weeks of it while we were in Mexico but still I long for spring.

The sun is starting to have more melting strength, the days are getting longer and we are anticipating a new season.   Even though I can't see it right now, I trust that under all that white snow will once again be green grass.  

I trust that in a couple months I will be tilling up  black soil and planting seeds right here.
Our trailer will emerge from it's hibernation and host many fun filled summer days and nights. 

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see"  Hebrews 11:1

This verse has been my meditation lately as we plunge headlong into a completely new season in our family life.  We wait in eager anticipation for what God has in store for us.  We are stepping out on a limb like we never have before.  With each nervous step we are trusting that it won't be crushed under us.  I know that the view of God's faithfulness from here is going to be spectacular!  
Beneath the surface of what I can see,  God is doing something big.   

...and it's a good thing that Spring is also right around the corner because some of us handle being cooped up better than others. 

I won't name any names but someone has a bad case of "Cabin Fever" which will only be cured by days filled with bike riding, tree climbing and fort building. 


Amber said...

Can't wait to hear more about this season and hoping we might be stepping out on the same branch ;)

Marcy said...

Oh, now you have me curious and excited!! I absolutely adore that picture of your boy! The look of pure misery while embracing the fashion outdoors is too cute for words.You can see his love for oudoor activity wrttten all over him.