not much to say

Not much to report but I thought I'd pop up and say hi.  
Life is busy, and Spring has made it's mushy, muddy appearance.   I've begun my new full time babysitting gig which means 2 extra little ones in the house everyday.  They are really quit refreshingly quiet, calm children.  Very obviously from a different gene pool than my little rascals.  Although I must admit that all 6 of them mashed together keeps me about 3 seconds  from utter chaos at any given moment.  Cece has had the hardest time adjusting to having another 2 year old on her turf.  She is quite a little bully in fact.  After two weeks she is finally now starting to warm up and "play nice" with the intruder.  She is so comfortable around big kids, and so sweet and gentle with babies....but other toddlers she's not at all sweet around.   I'm hoping as she develops verbal skills she will feel less inclined to get her point across with brute strength.  I'm hoping she develops verbal skills at some point this year. 

Play dough has been worth it's weight in gold this past couple weeks.   We've had quite a few blustery, snowy, wet days lately so anything that keeps the crew from complete mutiny is a win in my book. 

In our neck of the woods snow that sticks together is a rare novelty.  That few days of joy between bitter cold and mushy mud.  

Silas spent an afternoon building his own snow man.   Like I said....whatever keeps them busy, keeps me happy!
Once this diligent little boy had constructed his master piece he came and asked for a carrot.  I brought out my camera to capture this classic childhood moment of a snow man receiving it's carrot nose.

I was unaware, while snapping pictures, that the nose landed a little lower than what is traditionally acceptable.  

I guess the slightly odd Picasso snowman is fitting, since it's creator is a little bit odd too.   Odd, exhausting, and endearing all at the same time.

So, like I said, not much to say.  My biggest news to report is a happy snow man....that melted a few days ago.


Sherri said...

We've had much of the same weather this past week as well. When my hubby left for work a week ago tuesday we had been hit with a storm. Enough that the snowmobiles (which we haven't been able to use all winter) were covered in snow. He came home last night to tons and tons of water. In fact he went to town today to buy a sump pump to move some of the water. :)
If you don't mind I would love to email you and ask you some questions regarding your China adoption.
Or you can email me as well.

Murray said...

Thought you might appreciate this link - written by an adopted child, now grown.


Jenn said...

LOL @ the snowman, too cute!

A friend of mine IRL just completed her 3rd China adoption, and their newest is an older girl w/CP. Here's their blog link if you are interested. :)


Carla said...

Sherry, for sure email me! Thanks for the link Murray, what an incredible perspective from an adoptee. Jenn, it's a small world! I've already been following the Hameloth family blog and been emailing back and forth with Lynnea!