My baby girl is 2!

 {Miss Cece adding a finishing touch to her ice cream cake}

A 2 year letter for Miss Cece.

Happy Birthday my sweet little girlie.  I think you already know you are treasured, adored, and loved.  You are so secure in that love.  Although I don't know if you will ever comprehend the depth of our love for you.  

 I watch the way you swoon over your Daddy.  Snuggling up on his lap isn't enough.  You  place a chubby hand on each of his whiskered cheeks, and with eyes fixed squarely on his you demand his full attention.  Full of stories you jabber your jibberish, while he listens intently.  Content that you have been fully heard, you press your cheek against his and gently pat the his back. 

I love the way you interact with each one of your siblings.  If any of them are upset, crying or hurt you are the first to run over to them with your arms wide open for a hug.   If Silas is grumpily sitting on a "time-out" you go and sit next to him in quiet support.  Your natural empathy makes me smile.  At only 2 years old you take care of, and nurture those you love.  I notice the way you try to fix my hair, and wash dirt off your brothers face.  

To any one else it looks like a typical little girl kissing and rocking her baby dolls, or serving up "tea" to her Daddy, but to me it looks like cycles being broken.   It makes me wonder if your birth mom ever had tea parties with her Daddy, or was cradled and rocked by her mommy.  How many years did she wait to be treasured, adored, and loved before she concluded it could only be a fairy tale.  

Your silly, joyful personality enthralls us all.  You radiate beauty through your sparkly black eyes, and your generous smile.   Each one of us covets your sweet puckered up kisses,  and your enthusiastic hugs.   Your giggles are like candy to me, and I have a shameless sweet tooth. 

You passionately adore animals and are absolutely fearless of them all.  You love to "read" to yourself as you flip through your story books.  

You go through your days singing and dancing.  I often here you loudly singing "Jesus loves me" as you play.   Yes he does.  He loves you even more than I do, even more than Daddy....and that's a LOT.

You are still a girl of few words but where you lack in verbal skills you make up for with animated expression and gestures.  You make me laugh with your antics.   I love hearing "mummy".  It makes my heart melt with gratitude.

I get to be your mummy and I am so thankful.  We are so very blessed to have you in our family.  We all adore you.  Somehow you bring out the best in each one of us.  

I love you more than words on a blog post could ever express.  Happy 2nd Birthday Sunshine girl!   


jobina said...

Happy Birthday Miss Cece! I SO enjoyed meeting your little self and can only imagine how adorable you are now :) Wishing you many more happy birthdays!

Sherri said...

Awe what a beautiful letter to such a adorable daughter.
Happy Birthday!!