Just what we needed

After a month of being cooped up at home.  After THREE WEEKS of nasty gastroenteritis aka "the plague"  our family was in need of some fun.   Patience was short.   Tempers were quick.  Sibling bickering was getting out of hand.  My kids were driving me crazy.
We've discovered the best remedy for situations like this is to take a "day off" and just go have some fun together.  After a morning of swimming and some Fuddruckers burgers I rediscovered how much I love these kids.  I rediscovered how much we can actually enjoy each other!

Cece LOVES water!  She is such a little daredevil!  This girl was either giggling or smiling ear to ear the whole time. 

Roman was in  heaven.   He couldn't get enough of these water jets.

This was his other favorite place to play.

I hope this will be our "reset" button and refresh us for another few weeks.  


Sherri said...

Oh that looks so amazing right now. Might just have to do this next weekend and recharge our batteries.

Marcy said...

I hope so too, Carla! It looks like fun!