Baja Bound 2012 - San Diego

On driving day three we hit the road at our usual 7am and arrived in Arizona as the sun was coming up.  Those few miles through Arizona are probably our favorite scenery along the way.  Seemingly out of nowhere are miles of steep red canyons, mountains and cliffs...then instantly they are gone and it's back to desert.   

From there we drove through Nevada.

Across the Mojave desert in California and then down south to San Diego.  We happened to hit Southern California traffic at about the worst time of the week...rush hour on a Friday.  Not. Fun.  
The driver, and white knuckled co-pilot were about spent by the time we found a hotel well past dark.  We were SO ready to get out of the car and off of the freeway.  We found a nice little room at a Holiday Inn (which is way nicer and awesomely decorated than any other ones we've slept in) but it's only a very small 2 bed room.   Thanks to our stash of quilts and donated blankets in the back of our van (to take with us to Mexico) we had enough "beds" for everyone.   We decided that we all needed a travel break and we're spending a day in San Diego.  

We took the kids to the San Diego Maritime museum this morning.  For $40 we we able to tour several real ships and submarines and explore museum exhibits.  It took about 2 hrs to walk through the whole thing and we could have taken much longer to actually look at everything if we didn't have a two year old who wanted to run off.   My full time job was keeping little children from falling to their watery deaths.  They all had a lot of fun, despite having a twitchy mom. 

Roman was in heaven.  I`m pretty sure this adventure seeking explorer was born in the wrong century.    He`s kind of bummed that there aren`t anymore uncharted continents to discover. 

Learning about the diet of sailors in the "mess hall".

The Russian Submarine made me claustrophobic....and it wasn't even surrounded by miles of ocean. 

After our maritime excursion we enjoyed some fish and chips on a pier and then went back to the hotel.   The big kids and Daddy went out to play at Mission Bay playground and then swim at the hotel pool.   I had the hard job of chilling in a quite hotel room while Cece took a much needed nap.  That was followed by supper at our favorite fast food burger place "In and Out" burgers and a trip to by some last needed supplies and a few groceries to take with us to our Baja home.

Tomorrow morning we will be crossing the U.S /Mexican border and driving south.  Please pray for safety while we travel the winding mountain highway..and that we don't get lost in Tijuana again....and that we breeze through the military check points without needing to have our dug through (it's packed tight!).  Now that we're SO close to our destination I'm anxious to get there!  I'm so excited to see all our friends again, and to spend some time in the place that feels like our second home.


saulyamber.com said...

Can't wait to see you guys!

Jenn said...

Thanks for taking us along on your journey. I really enjoy reading your updates & am praying you have a safe trip. And what a neat place to spend the day exploring!