Viva Mexico!

Days like today is why we love Mexico.  
It's so rich in color and culture.

Our little town celebrated Revolution Day by blocking off the main Baja highway for a parade.  The parade ended in the Park that was full of food stands that had been set up for the occasion.  

These colorful egg shells filled with confetti and flour where also being sold.    The purpose of these is to smash them over your friend's heads.  We bought a bag full at the end of the day but unfortunately my camera's battery ran dead before I could take a picture of my confetti covered kids.  

It was a beautiful sunny morning.   We found a spot on the highway median and watched the show with some friends.

Miss Cece and our amigo Kayden. 

A spectacular show it was.
We watched kids from various schools do summersaults on a crib mattress, jump through hoops, dance, march, and wave pom poms, all done with patriotic flair.

Cece and her amiga Brielle wished they could be a part of the show.  I kind of suspect they were...at least for us. 

Once we returned to the park the real fun began.
Comida Mexicana!

We started with tamales, then chased those down with greasy empanadas, followed by a variety of sweet things. 
Bunuelos are my favorite!...although churros are a close runner up.  What's a girl to do when faced with that kind of decision?  
Eat both...I can always wear my sweat pants home if I outgrow my blue jeans.  

With all that food cooking, even an intensely crowded park smelled GOOD.  

Clowns are still creepy, even in Mexico. 

Olives with fresh squeezed lime and your choice of Chamoy or Chili sauce.
And if you're still not stuffed there's always cobs of corn on a stick. 

It was so much fun to be a part of the festivities.  I love how, although I'm sure we stand out as a rather pale minority, we're just treated like one of the crowd.  
We really do love it here. 

Viva Mexico!

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