Ask Me Anything...I dare ya

Hey there friends.
Spring hasn't melted our snow yet, and "Spring fever" has nothing on cabin fever in April...
so I had the idea today to open up my blog to questions.  It will provide a nice distraction from the piles of soggy snow pants, and muddy mittens.

No topic off limits.

Is there something that you've always wondered about me or our family?  Questions about my kids, homeschooling, farming life, or raising a multi-racial family?   Questions about our faith, family life, frugal living finances, adoption, fostering, parenting, or our trips to Mexico?

Anything.  I can't promise you I have brilliant answers but I promise I will do my best to satisfy your curiosity.

So don't be shy, and help a girl out.  You curiosity might just provide me a cure from the boredom of monotony.
Ask me whatever you want to, be completely honest.   I'm not afraid of different views, or questions you would be too embarrassed to ask me to my face, but no one appreciates mockery or attack, so my only rule is play nice.

You can ask me in private at the email address


or leave your question as a comment below.  I will open my comments up for Anonymous just for this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carla...Now that you have experienced parenting foster children, bio children,internationally and domestically adopted children will you give us the high and low in your opinion of each situation?

Jessica said...

I would like to hear your thoughts on this article: http://www.kellehampton.com/2013/04/a-faith-for-my-children.html

I wanted to post it on my FB and hear comments, but I didn't think people would be mature/sensitive enough for my diverse group of friends.

And my question is: can I borrow your Ergo to try out? ;)

Gretchen said...

I guess my question would be, how do you do have the energy?? =)

Gigi said...

Sweet! I am here to lend a helping hand, sister. I can think of several:
-How did you get started on your vacation/mission trips to Mexico and what is some advice you would give to someone (me) who is interested in doing something similar?
-Did you foster kids you knew you were not going to adopt, or was the intention always to adopt and it just didn't work? What are the difficulties of the aftermath or present-math of those situations? What is the oldest age you have fostered?
-Who is that tiny baby in pink you're holding in one of the above pictures?
-How do your kids respond to doing different types of schooling?
-do you bake bread everyday?!
-do you have a fail-proof bread recipe? (Without a bread maker.)
-What first attracted you to your husband? How do you guys compliment each other?
-What is your favorite book (that is not the Bible or a Christian book)?

And that should keep you busy for a while. Also, I haven't been reading your blog for too long and haven't read everything from the past, so feel free to link to an old post. Also, also, I'm well aware this is a very long list and will not be offended I you just chuck it.

Hole the sun comes around soon up there. We were teased with sunshine while my husband and I had the flu. Now it's back to rain and I'm coming to grips with never putting my rubber boots in storage.
Thanks for the offer to bombard you... Wait, I'm realizing now you said "question", singular. Well, maybe just pick one?

With hope in Christ (otherwise I'm hopeless),

Gigi said...

I had just written several questions for you, but after I signed into google everything I wrote was gone.

So, I'll stick with just one: what started your trips to Mexico? Can you give details about the arrangements and the advice you'd give to someone (me) who is interested in doing something similar? Or things you learned the hard way vs. things hat have worked out great with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming late to the party.... how do you help your children know Samuel?