Easter Photo Dump

This post promises to be somewhat random and entirely disjointed.
It's been one of those weeks that feels like Friday, when it's only Wednesday.
I should probably be in bed....but I had an itch to catch up with my blog friends.  
Whoever you might be.   Hi. 

Yesterday was a big day for my little man.  He had another PT appointment and this time they pulled out a tricycle for him to ride.  He was THRILLED.  We're going to have to figure out something for him this summer.  I only wish we had pavement instead of gravel.  

After that he saw an orthopedic specialist and had several xrays taken.  
We were relieved to discover that he does not yet have scoliosis...although he's pretty crooked.  His muscles are so lopsided in tightness that it's just pulling his spine and posture out of whack.  She emphasized (as well as the PT) that proper seating is essential.  Cerebral Palsy is non progressive (the brain injury can't get worse) but the effects of it can do more and more damage to joints, bones, and muscles.   We're trying to reverse some things, as well as prevent future problems like scoliosis and damaged joints. 

We're now on the quest for proper car seating..right now he has a full backed booster seat but he looks miserable in it and slouches over sideways, as well as slides forward too much.  So the professionals tell us that he needs something better in the car (we spend many hours a week in it) and at home for him to sit in.  

We're also thrilled that his hips look totally fine...which means no surgery on them needed.  phew!  He will likely need a more minor surgery to lengthen his "heel chords" and possibly hamstrings.  A priority is to get him straightened up, balanced, and walking.  Surgeries will set him back a bit but long term will make a big difference...I hope. 

After that appointment he was casted for some new hinged AFO's (Anke foot orthotics).   We should get them in a couple weeks.  I'm excited for him. 

It really is so great to see him getting the medical attention he so very much needed.  Getting past the front lines of the system was a bit of a gong show...but once we get back to where the specialists do their work, we've been so happy with the care he's getting. 

This little farm boy LOVES trucks and tractors.   His favorite place to go is to town with Daddy to hang out at the John Deere dealership.   He gets to sit on all the tractors, and the first time he went the guys who worked there even sent him home with some toys.   He doesn't care for animals at all (they're all scary to him) but he squeals with delight at every large vehicle he spots.  

He'll be home for two months on April 7th.  He's coming more and more out of his shell with each passing week.  He is such a little treasure and it's really hard to believe he's only been a part of our family for a couple months....I guess in our hearts he was part of our family before we ever met him.   Anyway, it kind of seems like he's always been here...just one of the crew. 

On the other hand we have our moments and days when the pain is real, and we get glimpses of the wounds he tries hard to hide.  In my head I've started calling those molting days.  I've noticed that new breakthroughs and growth typically are preceded by some really hard days. Just when it seems he's coming all apart and this situation is coming unglued...I notice something new.  A renewed hope.  This boy has a lot of tough shells to break off,  but underneath is the vulnerable, afraid  little boy who's heart needs to be reached.  

Happy Spring. 

We had the coldest March since about 50 years ago.   I think that's worth some sort of prize.  An average temp of -13 Celcius is I think what I heard.  To darn cold anyhow.  

We also have a crazy amount of snow.   

It's finally starting to slowly melt...
I just hope it doesn't melt into rivers that flow into my basement. 

If I see one more person posting pictures of tulips and daffodils on Facebook I think I might die.  

My cuties watching their favorite cartoon on the ipad.  "Dora"
Elijah might learn Spanish before English.  
He already calls water "agua"...
he learned that from Cece who picked it up on our most recent stay in Mexico.  
My kids are so brilliant like that ;)

Speaking of brilliance...check out the master piece eggs.

I thought it would be less spilly to paint them with little sponges.  

Good times had by all.
It is so fun to share these "firsts" and little family traditions with our newest son. 

I've been asked more time than I care to answer whether he's either in school or going to school in the fall.  
I can't say for sure what his schooling future holds, but I suspect we will be homeschooling him with the older two.  If there was an excellent program he could go to for half days that included his therapy etc. I would be open to that but with his extreme anxiety and abandonment issues it just wouldn't be beneficial for him right now.   
Our priorities for him are learning to be secure in our love and living as part of a family.  Learning English and his speech challenges.   Getting his medical, mobility, and physical issues addressed and worked on. 
In the context of those things I would say he's also being "unschooled".
Basically parented with lots of room to learn, play, explore, and work on problem solving. 
So much of our day, whether during our stretching time, or baking with mom, or playing with some game pieces includes basic pre-school type lessons and skills.  

He's learning to count in English from 1-10.   We're working on English colors...grouping them and the names.   He enjoys simple puzzles and doing educational activities on the ipad.  There is always something to learn, and for the most part he is eager. 

My bed is calling me...and the pile of dishes still in the sink are heckling me, so I'd better sign off.
Goodnight folks.

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Angela S said...

It's so exciting to see him doing so well! I am wondering if those vowel-consonant-vowel combos in Spanish are just easier for him at this time. I'm not an expert, but I believe Chinese doesn't have that many word-final consonants (e.g., the word 'cat' has a final consonant, but the word 'go' does not). Just keep encouraging to use words! It would be difficult for an SLP to assess his speech at this point because of the different languages (and of course, an accent is NOT a speech disorder). How many words do you think he has in his chinese vocabulary? 50? 200? 500? LOTS? (that's a technical term). Just curious. Praying lots for you guys.
-Angela M.