Planting Stuff

This past Saturday I had big plans that included getting caught up on housecleaning, kids happily doing chores, and a to-do list being neatly checked off.  
After a few hours of frustration and working hard accomplishing nothing I decided to call it quits and go do something with my kids outside.  The clean house just wasn't happening no matter how much I tried. 

I decided to recycle a drawer from a cabinet my husband had built years ago that we recently disposed of.  We upgraded our 12 year old tv to a new flatscreen hanging on our wall so our "entertainment cabinet" was not longer needed.  It was pretty beat up and we have no space left in our house to put it so we chucked it...but not before I snatched out a couple of the drawers to use as planters.   This one used to house CD's...back before we discovered itunes. 

My little garden plot hasn't been worked up and made ready for planting yet but we thought we'd get a start on planting some herbs.  

First we drilled some drainage holes.

Then we added a mix of compost and potting soil.

Then mommy got kind of possessive with the teeny herb seeds refusing to share them, after being annoyed that the kids were tearing open packages, spilling seeds, and putting them in the wrong places...then she reminded herself that this was supposed to be a "fun" activity for them.

Finally we added some water to our little pots and drawer full of potential herbalicious goodness.

It's also seeding time again on the farm.  Which equates to long days in the field for the hubby, and parenting sola season for me.  

In other news: 
Silas got his mowhawk.   The doo he's been begging for. 
I was sad to see his shaggy hair go again, but I am surprised at how much I like this new look.   

As it turns out my handsome little guy looks adorable even with a mowhawk.  

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Matt and Maria said...

Ha! I sympathize with the "not planting it right, let me do it!" feelings. This year, it wasn't a problem... I just wrote a blog about my garden and how the kids beat me to it..... now I have a "mystery bed".