Playing in Dirt

A big part of my summer is my vegetable garden.   While it's not huge (I often wish I had more space so I could put more produce away for winter) it's big enough to keep us overwhelmed with fresh veggies all summer.  It's also plenty of work, but so worth it. 

There is something about growing your own food that is satisfying. 
It's very practical when you have a little money and a lot of kids. 

I also happen to love the convenience of having a produce section in my front yard.  If I need some veggies for supper I just go out and grab some.  That's a great thing when you live 50 km from the closest small town over priced grocery store.

They're extremely fresh, they're chemical free, and they are virtually free.

I'm not one of those meticulous, hyper organized, map and chart everything that is grown, plant in straight rows or lovely boxes kind of gardeners.  I'm a throw some seeds in the ground, forget where I planted anything until it comes up, replant what didn't come up...or I forgot to plant, keep the weeds down enough that I can find the vegetables, try to keep it alive, and then eat it all kind of gardeners.

Elijah has really enjoyed getting his hands dirty, and his clothes wet, to "help" me pick the vegetables. 

My herb box.  The drawer from and old entertainment unit didn't hold together quite as well as I had hoped.  But it has served it's purpose well for a year. 

I've restocked my cupboard with dehydrated herbs.

I grew kale for the first time...it produced a lot, and was much milder than the stuff I've bought in the store.  However it was more of an early summer green.

The garden in July.

Lots of stir-fry happening.

The closest thing I have to a flower garden is a few marigolds on the edge of my vegetable garden.  

The weeds have been horrid this year.  With the new load of manure, and all the rain the weeds have been hard to keep under any sort of control.   At this point in the summer I pretty much have quite trying.  There is a LOT of thistle this year...and because I let them all go to seed, there is going to be even more next year.  

My peppers and tomatoes did really well this year.  

I think I'm going to have to cook up, and can,  a big batch of Salsa! 

The garden in August.  The dill and the Coriander have created their own little jungle. 

What can you do with too many beets?
Pickle them.  Yummers.

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Sherri Davidson said...

Oh so yummy. Can I stop by for some salsa?? I have never grown peppers.
This was the first year I've really grown any sort of garden and loved every inch of it.
I am so not a weed daily type of girl either. I have much more important things on my plate. I am more of a weed it so it doesn't kill the veggies type of girl. LOL
I also pickled my beets and my beans. I can hardly wait until they are ready. :)