Happy 4th Birthday Miss Cece!

Four years ago a little treasure was born, 
without any elated announcements, or pink glittery gifts.

Instead, her birth was met with scrambling, and case worker phone calls.

Although I had no idea at the time that my daughter was making her way into the world, God had been preparing our hearts to receive this gift.

Today we celebrate the day of her birth.  We honor the woman who nurtured her life and allowed her to be born.
Too many babies are denied that chance, which makes this celebration of her birth so much more poignant.

She came home when she was just 5 wks old, but we didn't dare to even hope that someday she would be ours.  She very quickly became "ours" in our hearts, but it took three long years for her to be be legally ours as well. 

A totally unexpected gift.  A precious treasure.

A traumatic delivery, a tragic loss, a week alone in the NICU, a month in a "Baby group home", and symptoms of narcotic withdrawal had left this sweet little girl resistant to comfort, detached, and extremely fussy. 
I sometimes wondered if I was cut out for this responsibility. 
The relentless "job" of caring for a baby that was not my own. 

As the months passed this fussy little newborn grew into a content, cheerful, secure, and interactive baby.

Miss Cece and her Daddy have had such a special bond.  She is most certainly a Daddy's girl.

This little girlie has a quick smile and a ridiculous giggle.

She loves animals.  Any kind or size.  No fear at all (even when she should have it).

She loves to play with her siblings and her friends.

She's a natural caretaker and nurturer.  She is affectionate, sensitive and dramatic.  Spunky and Sassy.
A self professed Princess.
She loves well.

She can be delightful, and she can be frustrating enough to make me wonder if I'm cut out for this responsibility.  This relentless "job" of being Mommy to this beautiful little girl who is now my very own.

One thing I know for sure is that I am so extremely grateful for the chance, as well as for God's grace and guidance to try to be the Mommy she needs. 
I am so thankful that we said "yes".  One unexpected little phone call during the rush of an average day.  So easy to ignore. 
It would have been so easy to make excuses, to be "too busy right now", or to give in to nagging doubts and fears.  I honestly don't know how I didn't, other than the work of the Holy Spirit preparing me to set aside my self preservation and receive this unexpected blessing. 
Miss Cece you are a joy.   
Lovie, we are so thankful for you and proud of you. 
Happy 4 th Birthday my sweet little girl, who is growing up into a big girl too quickly!

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Jenn @Treasuring Lifes Blessings said...

Wow, I can't believe she is 4 already!!! I remember for the longest time how you couldn't share her facial pictures. She is simply adorable (& I didn't realize how close in age she is to Noah! <3)