San Ignacio - Day 2

Our two days in San Ignacio, staying at Ignacio Springs Bed and Breakfast, were our best vacation days this trip. It's not every often, in our travels, that we find a place that is this family friendly.  It was such a relaxing atmosphere.  We come across so many places, hotels, rv parks etc.  that are the exact opposite.  Not everyone welcomes families...and if they do it's often with a bit of a snobbish attitude. 

We woke up to a delicious breakfast served in a little outdoor dining room, and then spent the rest of morning doing this.

 It was actually warm.  So nice and toasty, sunshiny warm.  It felt SO good to just soak it up.

 Between ridiculously easy fishing, and the water toys the kids were in heaven.

Elijah even got brave enough to play with minnows in a pail.  At least until they started jumping.

 Despite teasing about crocodiles, piranhas, and water snakes most of us eventually ventured into the water.  By "us" I mean them.

Silas enjoyed fiddling with the breadcrumb bait and little fish hooks. This picture made me laugh because he looks like Gollum...."Precious". 

The mighty Tilapia catching fisherman. 

We were surrounded by Date Palms.

It was so serene and relaxing.

At lunch time we drove into town, found some tacos, and then went to see the historic San Ignacio mission.

The church was established here about three hundred years ago. 

Such a beautiful building.

The kids felt inspired to try out the kneeling benches.

 The whole place had a rather Nacho Libre-esque feel to it. 

Before suppertime we hit the spring again...this time with a bit more wind.

The next day we packed up, and drove to Bahia de los Angeles.  We slept one night there and drove the rest of the way back to our little trailer in North Baja in the morning.  We arrived in Colonia Vicente Guerrero just in time for a rainy, muddy weekend.   It was good to get back to our familiar little town, it's amenities, and our own beds.  Our time here is ticking by quickly.  This was a great little vacation, but we are looking forward to another week of working with our friends at Welcome Home Outreach.

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Sherri Davidson said...

Love all these pics. Such great family bonding/break. Love it. When you come back can you please, pretty please bring back some of the warmth. LOL