Annie - 11 Months

Sweet baby girl is 11 months now. 

I pulled out my camera to do a little photo shoot. Although my photography skills are sorely lacking, I've been trying to take pictures each month to mark each precious milestone.

As you can see she's a delightful bundle of energy.  She's clever, curious and full of personality. Annie has a quick smile, a contagious giggle and a surprisingly well developed sense of humour.  She is an absolute doll and I enjoy each and every day we have with her. 

She is very relational and affectionate.  Her hugs and kisses are the sweetest thing ever.  She has a special relationship with each one of her siblings and they absolutely adore her. 

She is a very quick crawler and cruises along the furniture on her feet.  At 11 months she has six cute little teeth.  She is also starting to climb.  This girl has always been strong and agile but as she enters the toddler stage that physical ability and ambition is really keeping me on my toes!

I seriously can't believe she is at this point already.  We really didn't think we'd get to celebrate these milestones with her.  

It's nearly been a year since that tiny 4 lb girl came into our home. 

Oh, how dearly we love her.  What a privilege it has been to be her family and her home during this first year of her life.  We don't know yet what the future will hold for her or us, but we thank God for each month that she's been a part of our lives. 

Annie, you are such a precious little girl.  You constantly amaze us and keep us laughing. 
You are so loved. 

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