Miss Cece turns 5!

Because her party last year was super lamo, I decided to step it up a notch.  Fortunately because the bar has been set so low I didn't take much to pull of a spectacular event. 

Ta-da!  A make it up as you go along Minion cake.  

My glorious mess is in full view as a back drop.  Keeping it real friends.  Actually I'm just not that aware of what I'm doing when I'm snapping pictures.   If you look closely you can see that we still have no backsplash (from last years kitchen reno) and we have begun a new renovation project which will be massive as far as mess and destruction goes.  The chaos is only in it's infant stages right now but by summer will have morphed into a full fledged raging reno adolescent.  This old house needs some major work, including all new windows.  But more on that later. 

That smile.  
It melts me into a puddle. 

I actually planned ahead this year and bought some dollar store Minion theme decorations.  
I'm super original and creative like that.

As as per Cece's request I slaved all day to make corn dogs.  Naw, I just pulled the Pogo's right out of a box and threw them in the oven.  Corn dogs seem to be the kids favourite birthday treat.  Since we never eat them at any other point in the year they shall remain "special".  A delicacy if you will. 

Our own crew is enough to more than fill a table and create all kinds of loud party atmosphere.  We added a Despicable Me sound track to the "atmosphere" just to make it more fun.

The silly was running strong in most of them.

Her gifts consisted of some art and craft supplies including this strange little monkey that she can decorate herself.  
This girl LOVES to paint, draw, and "decorate" stuff.  Even our walls and furniture.  But we're working on that...for like 4 years. 

"I'm an artist Mom"

I didn't place the candles.  I guess the Minion is a liar liar pants of fire.  

She has the bestest laugh in the whole wide world.  Seriously. 

Happy Birthday Sunshine Girl!
We love you so very much.

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