Off to a good start

When asked how his first day of school was Roman replied "GREAT!"....so I guess he liked it. I pressed for more details but he wasn't giving me much. I think we was exhausted. A full day of kindergarten wears a kid out. He and Aili have their first day of gymnastics this afternoon. I'm heading off to the dentist....grrr... and then out to the combine if the weather permits. Its been soggy and cold the past few days and we are hoping it dries up enough today and we can get some more crop off. Winter seems to be pressing on us way too quickly , I had to cover my tomatoes last night so they wouldn't freeze! I am so not ready for the cold!

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Jobina said...

Wow, first day of school! It's hard to believe! We had "meet the teacher day" today and Riker got to check out his grade 1 classroom. I liked the teacher so much, I wanted to stay!
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