Pelo loco and Harvest time

These are my two astonishingly brilliant looking children headed to school. It happens to be spirit week which translates into sending children to school looking strange everyday.

Aili looking groovy on Hippy Day

Silas has "helped" me out in the Combine the last couple days...I only last an hour or so before I call Grandma to come get him...but he loves it. He woke up at one in the morning last night asking to go in the 'bombine'

He can't fight sleep any longer.Posted by Picasa

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Shauna Archer said...

I found your blog through Lana G - and I love it! You have a great way with words and your kids are way cute too :) I read about you wanting to be a missionary and from what I see written here, I believe you were called to be a dorm mother, loving missionary kids who need to be away from their parents in order to get a good education and loving other kids whose parents send them to us to help. Keep that option open - no special training needed, just a lot of love and wisdom and grace which you seem to have an abundance of. Blessings on you as you faithfully serve the Lord wherever!